Monday, November 8, 2010

A little wedding diy: favors

Alrighty! I am back in the blogging mode (I think), as I have tons of fun stuff to share both wedding and not wedding related. While I'm waiting to receive our official photos (this week, yipee!!!!), I wanted to share a DIY or two. I'm not kidding when I say we did everything ourselves for our wedding. And I am so glad we did. Everything turned out perfect, exactly our style.

I had a few different ideas for favors, but my sister and I came up with this great idea to use the many bags of coffee she has been able to accumulate from her job (helloooo Starbucks!). Each guest was able to take home a cute little bag of yummy Starbucks coffee, and oh, it smelled SO GOOD! You can do these easy favors for many other kinds of gatherings, too, and customize to your liking of course.

The VERY few things you'll need:

1. Muslin baggies. I used 4"x6", which held about a cup of coffee beans.
2. Alphabet/number stamps. I borrowed this rolling stamp from the lovely Morgan. An alphabet/number stamp set like this would be just as good.
4. Stamp pad in your color of choice.

So as for the DIY, just use your stamps to decorate your bag! If you are doing a bulk amount, I recommend doing one word/line one each bag, then switching to the next word/line. (for example, I stamped "CHRIS" on all the bags, then switch to "ALYSSA", etc.).

I happend to find the cutest little coffee mug stamp among my Mom's stamp collection, it was PERFECT for this. Fee free to use any decorative stamps, or none at all. Here's some adorable little stamps that would be perfect. I also had to use a brown Sharpie to create the "+" sign and the hearts in between our wedding date.

After all of your stamping is done, fill each bag with coffee using some kind of funnel (I made a ghetto funnel out of paper so coffee beans could fit through easily). We used one cup ber bag.

And last of all, tie your baggies so you don't lose the coffee (because that would just be sad!). So,voila, your favor bags are done! They shouldn't take very long and they are oh so cute :)

Oh and the best part, I only spent about 20 bucks to create 75 favor bags since all I had to buy were the muslin bags and the stamp pad. Score!


bandofbrothers said...

i absolutely love love love it! came out so stinkin cute! fabulous idea!

Raven said...

Crazy adorable!

Lauryn said...

I love this idea! One of my least favorite things about weddings is when people give favors that A. No one wants or B. No one can use, because they end up being a waste of money and time. But this idea is perfect! And adorable :)

Morgan | Mrs. Priss said...

They seriously turned out SO cute! I couldn't have stamped them that perfectly if I tried.

Looking forward to your other DIYs! Your wedding was amazing!

J.Ryan said...

cute idea! love ittt

sarah marie p said...

I love that your wedding was so DIY! Everything turned out so adorable!

*CPA* Su said...

This is the cutest wedding favor I think I've ever seen!!!

Unknown said...

I loved your favors.. so much that I kept the bag in my cabinet at work so that every time I open it, it smells like yummy coffee :)

.jimaie.marie. said...

This was such a great idea and made for SUCH cute favors! The stamp worked so well, you are amazin. TJ mostly loved how the little bags FILLED our car with the scent of coffee as we drove back home, lol!!
p.s. These pictures are fantastic!

Creations by M said...

Where did you buy the muslin bags?

J Lori Photography said...

Where did you get the muslin bags????? Im looking everywhere for them but so far they come out to like $46 and I have to order 200 and I don't need that many..... :(

Unknown said...

How many bags of coffee did you need to use to make 75? I want to make these for my wedding favors!!!!