Wednesday, August 25, 2010


Hello to everyone stopping by from Freckled Nest, Leigh-Ann is super awesome and sweet! And you guys, are so lovely - thanks for all the comments thus far!

I'll take this moment to confess, I have a bit of an online shopping problem. I buy little random things online all. the. time. Ok, maybe not THAT much...but if I haven't received a package in the mail in a while, I get kind of sad! Here are a few things I've bought recently that I love:

This super cute ruffly dress from Delias. I bought it to wear to my cousin's bridal shower this weekend :) I think it needs a cute pair of yellow shoes, don't you?
I thought this plate thing was awesome! One, there's deer on it! Also, Chris is from Michigan. And the color of green is actually really pretty! I haven't found a spot for it yet (since our woodsy room is green, it really won't go there), but I kind of think it's awesome!

Yet another dress I just ordered from Modcloth :) I think it's so cute, I haven't received it yet so hopefully it's worth the money and looks good. I want to wear it to my bridal shower or maybe my cousins wedding. Hmmm...decisions, decisions!

This is actually a panel of fabric! I randomly came across it while fabric browsing, and I bought this panel and was thinking I could frame it for some wall art? I'm not sure what else I could do with it to display the whole thing, it's kind of large.

I found a super good deal on these beautiful Craspedia that you have probablly, like me, been seeing a lot of. I have wanted to incorporate them into our wedding since yellow is one of our colors. I ordered a bunch of them as a test to see how they look, and it far exceeded my expectations so I will definitely be ordering more :)


Monday, August 23, 2010


Some random thoughts and what not...

Putting wedding invites in the mail tomorrow!
Been working too much :(
...don't want to work!
My house is a mess...
...but I've been too busy to want to clean!
..I'm gross, apparently.
I miss my friends.
I wish I had time to craft, and work on my Etsy shop.
I'm ready to move.
I've been visiting Modcloth.dom daily.
I need to learn more about my camera.

So yeah, super exciting. That's all I've got now! Pizza time!

Monday, August 16, 2010


We've had a camping trip planned for a few months now, and it was this past weekend. We'd taken an extra day off work, and although there were some last minute changes in plans - we had a super great adventure :) Our weekend included:

Finding a closer place to camp the night before we left (originally planned for Yosemite)
Picking a random place to camp.
Packing way too many things we didn't use, lol.
Driving up to 8,000-foot elevation.
Super desolate dirt mountain roads.
Finding out there was nothing (stores, gas, etc) within an hour of the campground.
A stream running right next to our site.
And all this awesomeness

Only bad part, didn't see any deer, booo! :) Camping was totally satisfying and definitely worth the drooling I've been doing thinking about it for months!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Spray Paint Adventures

I'm probably a little late to hop on the spray paint bandwagon. I've spray painted a few things, but nothing fancy or exciting. I found this cute key at Marshall's the other day and I love it but didn't love the color so much.

So I decided to grab some spray paint and transform it. I painted it a lovely shade of blue:

Found the perfect spot for it, right next to the door! And I actually JUST made the art above it...the space felt empty and I needed to fill it up. Luckily, I'd bought some embroidery hoops a few months ago and it fit the space perfectly. I made some flowers and added some pearls for a little cuteness.

And of course, I didn't just buy blue spraypaint...I also bought yellow.

I bought this bottle of wine a few years ago (just because it was a cat!), and it was purple, however, not the prettiest purple. Much better now.

Last weekend we were up in the bay area, staying with Those Corwins. We hit up an antique store and we found these AWESOME brass deer. Not a big fan of the brass decor, so I spray painted them grey :)

I like that the paint is super cheap and you get a lot of bang for your buck! This is going to be an addiction, I think.

Are you a spray painting fanatic? What kinds of things have you spray painted?

Saturday, August 7, 2010


Something like 2 and a half months (!!!!) until our wedding! This week I received our invitations that I ordered on Etsy :) Here is a little peek:

And rightfully so, I am dreaming for fall....changing colors....

Perhaps some rain....ahhh, rain :)

Pretty, warm scarves.

And of course, hot drinks to warm you up.