Wednesday, May 27, 2009


When we moved out of apartment living, one of the things I was most excited about is that our neighbors would be further away than sharing a wall with someone. Back then we didn't have horrible neighbors, we just had the old lady underneath us that I avoided at all costs (lonnnnggg story).

I've always heard people with these horrible neighbor stories, and I'd always think wow, well sucks for them because I've never experienced that! People can't be THAT bad!


We are surrounded by douchy neighbors. Not one, not two, but three (maybe more?)! I don't even think I'm being overly dramatic here, they each make me want to come over and punch them in the eye for very different reasons.

Neighbors #1: the gigantic family next door. These people are actually very nice, but they piss us off for other reasons. They have a 3-car garage and a driveway that could probably fit 4 cars across. Do they park cars in their garage? Nope. They do, however, park about 6 cars in their driveway and sometimes on their grass. Yes, apparently I live in Oildale. (No offense to those who live in Oildale who do not park in their lawn). They also park 3-4 cars on the street at all times, which almost always take up ALL THE PARKING SPACE in front of our house. I'd guess that at least 3 of these cars do not even run. I even saw a ticket on one of them once for that reason. Thankfully they got rid of their mini-doberman that used to run around the neighborhood and chase me up to my front door with it's scabies.

Neighbors #2: Douch-y family across the street. These people have never said a word to us, yet they are always outside. They always have BBQ's in their front yard. HELLO - we do have backyards, people! They also enjoy parking in front of our house, even when they have room for parking in front of theirs. Maybe if they'd move the half-pipe and trailer (with a scrunched up race car on it) out of their driveway they would not be so douch-y. Also, their little kids run around outside while they are being ridiculously profane. It's pretty sad to hear them drunkenly yelling EFF THIS AND THAT right in front of little kids.

Neighbors #3, the noisy teenagers(?) behind us. If you enjoy waking up at 2am on a Thursday to loud pool parties then you should definitely live in our house. This is not just your every-so-often house party, it's like multiple times a week. I feel like a grumpy old lady complaining about people having fun, but it's just a little ridiculous. I can hear their conversations about getting high from inside our house. SO ANNOYING.

Do you guys think I'm being overly annoyed with all of them? Do you have any past or present bad neighbors?

Apologies for using the word "douche" 80 times in this post!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Cuteness in the Kitchen

I thought I would share some lovely kitchen things I have found on the Internetz lately (ie., I have nothing better to do). Hope you enjoy :)

Lovebird S&P shakers! SO CUTE! I am determined to have somebody buy me these (hint hint wink wink, anyone? Bueller?)

These awesome bird measuring spoons. Yeah they are uber expensive, at least in my book. Maybe something to stick on a wedding registry?

Graphic bowl/plates found at Urban. I saw these a few weeks ago, they are so adorable. If only mis-matched dishes were cool...

I still think my friend over at BeanPickleSprout has the cuuuuutest potholders/placemats/dish towels on the entire Internet!

I could list about 80 things from Anthropologie on this one, but this honey jar is calling my name at the moment. My other fav's are the grapefruit sugar bowl and goose measuring cups. Heart.

I purchased a few different kitchen prints not to long ago, but this one was also on my list of NEEDS. Who doesn't need a cupcake?

And how about something for the dogs and cats? These pet feeders are simple, yet awesome. And! You can get the painted any color, win-win.

And who could forget a cute apron? There are millions out there, MILLIONS I tell ya! I could waste hours finding the best of the best. But right now, this one does it for me.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

I haven't posted a blog in 8 days

So I feel like I should write something. Nothing much going on around here except TOO MUCH WORKING. But here is some stuff to cheer you (and me) up.

Baby time.

I didn't notice how creepy Minnie looks in this picture. I think Maddy is going to have nightmares of a scary mouse-woman watching over her in the future - Yikes!

I think I've officially turned into one of those annoying people that constantly takes pictures of everything. I seemed to inherit this from my Grandma :)

And, I made the Internet-famous Rainbow Cake for Mother's Day, and added a bit of my own "flare". It was the most awesome-tasting cake ever. I mean...everything was vanilla but I SWEAR each color tasted like something else! I SWEARRRRRRRRRRRR. Ok. Yeah you get it.

Oh and I swear I am doing Steph's 30 days of flippin' fitness...however, my daily "exercise" consists solely of walking the dogs. I figure we both need the exercise so why not hit two birds with one stone, and that is that. I probably need more but I'm just going to have to be okay with the fact that there are only so many hours in the day and I also have other things to do. Like watch American Idol (ohhh Kris, I love youuu).

Friday, May 8, 2009


I'm an aunt now (most of you know this!)!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!

Madelyn Rae Kapral Pittack was born May 6th at 6:33 pm, weighing 7 lbs. 11 oz. I am so proud of my sister!!!!
Check out that hair!!!

Sister and baby.

Hopefully soon I will have more non-cell phone pics. Blasphemy I know!!! :D