Monday, August 31, 2009

Moral of the story...

Don't go changin' your email address.

Not only will you have to go to every website imaginable and update to your new address;

You will find the gmail does not want you to sign onto AIM via gchat (which I finally figured out how to fix while searching forums for 80 hours);

You will not be able to figure out how to update your blogger account to your new email address, which is just lovely. (Has anyone done that before btw? I'm about to save, then delete my blog, then open it up again under my new email address...but I'm scared!!!!);

You will lose your Gchat (gchat, seems like a bad word) contacts;

And people you follow on Google Reader;

And then you will cry.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Before & After: Craft Room

When we bought our house and realized we had 4 rooms to fill up, I knew that one of them would be made into a craft room for all my crafting shenanigans to take place. Well, as all things go...the craft room wasn't on the top of the list and almost a year later, it's finally pretty much set up! (I think I re-painted it like...2-3 months ago, LOL! I am so slow).

Here is the, um, beautiful room before:

Apparently I only took one picture back then because of the obvious beauty this room held...

And now...

Come on in.

Nope, didn't bother to vacuum for you guys. Sorry 'bout your luck :)

Pretty much my favorite shelf ever. The little birdies and the cute lantern I got up at a gift shop in Shaver Lake (where our cabin is). The little dealio on top is something I got at Target a while ago.

Probably a bit too much light here. Anyways, got the bookcase at Target for like, $20. You can kind of see the black shelf to the side of it. I got it at a yard sale a LONG time ago and just painted it black. Not sure where to hang it yet. Ideas?
PS @wishcake, see the vase?! Yeah, that was supposed to be filled with pussywillow (hehehehe). FML.

This shelf is the most amazing thing ever. I got it at Michaels, but I had a 40% off coupon so it wasn't all too expensive. See those little metal tins with the see-thru tops? $1 each at Michaels! I got a 12-pack of Ball jars a while ago, and that is where I store my feathers for my pins.

I couldn't handle the ugly closet doors, so I just took them off. Chris bought me some shelves at Home Depot and I hung them myself. ALL BY MYSELF (I won't mention the fact that I hung them up backwards the firt try). So yeah, a few shelves for random crap, one for candle making supplies, and one for sewing supplies. Works like a charm.

Workspace. The shelf is from Ikea. I actually got it when we first moved in, but never found a good spot for it. Uder the shelf we hung a curtain rod, which I used to put those little clippy curtain holders on. I'm hanging a few scissors from there now but I inteded to hang pictures/inspiration, etc. I also need to find a cute fabric to cover the cork board with...ahh, another project.

This tray is the cutest thing ever...yet another thing I got at a gift shop up at Shaver Lake. I use it to transport craft projects to the living room while I watch Lost ;) My little sewing box is from JoAnn's.

So I guess that's it! There's a few little things I want to do still in there but for now it works just fine. I obviously have plenty of space to do whatever I need to do. I love it <3>

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

So this one time

...I was all giddy and started up a new Craft Challenge.

I already had an idea of what I wanted to make.

I ordered a part for said item on Etsy.

Two weeks later, it is still not in my mailbox.

Craft fail.

So I was going to make a really awesome necklace for just the price of that locket. And when I do, it will be awesome.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Currently Obsessed...


Omigosh. This is where the Internet is troublesome. I see one little cute thing I like and it turns into a search for cheaper, cuter things; and by the time I am done I've found 800 cute things that are on my want-list.

And then, THEN...I get to share it with you and then you find all these cute things to buy. A vicious circle, vicious I'm telling you!!!

Saturday, August 8, 2009


I think I'm about the only person I've heard of who isn't a fan of lists.

Sure, I make lists. Handwritten lists. Grocery store lists, and at time "To Do" lists. I also almost always forget my lists at home, rendering them useless as I head to Fresh & Easy or Target. And those to-do lists, when I make them, it feels nice to make a list and check things off..that is, if you have time to check things off. So my lists seem more of like a never ending list of things that I will never get to.

Then there's my favorite thing, Wishpot: my website of lists! Imagine that! I know there's plenty of websites where you can compile lists of things you want, but it's sooooo much better! You can make your own categories of things (gifts, things you want, just cool things you find...etc, etc.). You can also add a button to your web browser, so that when you're surfing the web and see something that interested you, you just hit your Wishpot button and it'll add it to one of yours lists, you pick. Also, you can do all kinds of registries on Wishpot, awesome!

The two coolest things are: 1) you can add your friends to Wishpot, so when their birthdays are coming up it automatically sends you an email and you can check out what's on their wish list. If you buy something on their list you can "reserve it", and they won't know who got them something (it also provides you with their mailing address, if you are their "friend"), and my favorite, 2) It emails you when something on your lists has gone on sale!!! All that stuff you've added from Athropologie and Urban? Yeah, when that goes on sale you automatically know, pretty awesome!

Yeah so, I am a big fan. And you should be too. There's a lot more to it so you should check it out, and if you do go ahead and add me :)

And no, Wishpot isn't paying me to tell you this LOL (although, I wouldn't mind!).

Monday, August 3, 2009

Crafty Challenge V. 2.0

Morgan brought up to me the other day that I should start doing my Crafty Challenges again on my blog. I had totally forgot about them!!! Honestly, I think the last one I did I got a bit discouraged because of the lack of participation maybe (I know, boo hoo right?!). So I am going to try this again, because I know everyone loves to create things! The main goal is to share ideas, and obviously have a little fun with your inner crafter!

In the past challenges, I centered my idea around a holiday; well, there aren't any close enough! My inspiration for this challenge is from my own craft endeavors. I always see these cute accessories and think to myself: oh my gosh I can totally make the for way cheaper!

Crafty Challenge 2.1: Create a piece of jewelry for yourself, or someone else. The possibilities for this are endless! Earrings, necklaces, rings, hair jewelry, can create something out of fabric, metals, beads...anything!!!

Tip: If you have time, Etsy has tons and tons of supplies you can order with just a few clicks. Want to make earrings? Buy some backings and a cute button/cabochon/bead and just glue it on. It's really THAT simple. Of course, you'll probably be able to find things easily and quickly at your closest craft store as well!

Photo via Flickr.

Deadline: August 18, 2009. If you're going to participate, write a blog post about what you created on or before the date and send me a link: I'll create a post of all of the participants the day after the deadline. E-mail links to: parodyofanangelx(at)gmail(dot)com.