Sunday, September 28, 2008

One room together: The Office

Hello there internet peoples! This has been the most chaotic 2 weeks EVER! But anyways, I'm going to refrain from too much yippity yap and give you some pictures. In this post I did not share any inside pictures of our house...oh, the suspense (riiiiiight). So far, we've got most of the unpacking done, the house painted (minus the bedrooms), new fridge, washer, and dryer installed, and some other things I will share with you when I post pictures of various rooms.

First up, the office. Kind of weird that that's the first room we put together? Well, not really...I need internets, people! To check my bank account..of course...(and gaming for the bf).

Before: a bland white mess.

Nowww: purdddy! Just need to find some curtains. (Ignore the mismatched furniture and ugly cords, and my crappy camera).

My desk nook.

My first craft project in the house.

Cute blue cable...

Next up: the kitchen. Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I guess I need an update...

So real quick: my loan officer just told me we'll get our keys tomorrow! FINALLY. First it was Friday. Then tuesday/wednesday at the latest. Now that. Okay well whatever, I guess that's the way the world works.

We spent ALL day Sunday moving stuff out of our apartment and into my parent's garage, then cleaning. (Had to be out on Tuesday). Then finished up Monday night after work. We've just been staying at my parents house...with all of our junk! Other sucky thing is that we had to reschedule our appliances to be delivered tomorrow...and we'll have to change that AGAIN. Also, cable people are coming Friday morning, so that means we have to have our tv/computers etc., at the house.

...soooo fun...have I detered anyone from buying a home yet? ;)

I'm sure I'll have bunches of pics to post soon.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Almost there...

I promise I'll start talking about something else other than moving...soon... :)

Well, I had originally taken off tomorrow because I thought tomorrow would be "moving day." But now I am getting anxious because now closing time is not in MY control! We got everything in that we are supposed to, and my loan officer said her doc's will be done today. All they would be waiting on is doc's from the title company-and she says they are usually "a day or two later than us". UGH. So I doubt we'll actually move tomorrow, we should close tomorrow...but just my luck it gets pushed to Monday or something.

So why freak out?
1. We have to be out of apartment Tuesday (AND clean).
2. Ordered a new fridge to be delivered Saturday, washer/dryer on Wednesday.
3. Have to get utilities turned on (I'll probably turn them on Friday anyways...just in case)
4. Everything that we don't use is packed...sitting in a chaotic mess with boxes piled, just waiting, is driving me nuts!!!
5. I wanted to paint before we move in...doubt that's gonna happen...
6. I want to be doing something productive to make something go faster...but what??


I'm sure everything will work out fine, but as of this second, not so much.

Friday, September 12, 2008

One week :)

Okay, not gonna like, not much has gone on since last Friday (moving-wise). The only thing I did was put a few things on Ebay and (made like 80 bucks so far!). I'll probably do some more of that after the move - too much to keep track of right now. Oh and we had our inspection! Nothing at all major that needs to be done. A roof tile had a crack (oh no!), garage door needs to be oiled, one side of the fence needs to be repaired (obviously), and a water valve pipe cover thing in the backyard needs to be replaced (Dad knows exactly what to do!). The men will be busy..hehe!

We're going up to Shaver this weekend, but that's okay because we really can't do much more packing/cleaning until next week. All I need to get done before then is throw some clothes/shoe I won't wear in bags, pack a few more dishes/cooking stuffs we won't need, and pack a few random things in our computer room and hall closet.

The other evening my Mom and I went for a walk around our new neighborhood, it was soo nice :) The neighborhood seems pretty quiet, and mostly what I noticed is that nicest kept houses were on our street. The houses around there are about 10 years old, so you can tell who has done renovating and such.
Hopefully I have time to update before then (I'm sure I will!).

Thursday, September 4, 2008

2 weeks!

Now we are down to the 2 weeks before the close date of our house. These past 2 weeks have been DRAGGING! We spent the previous long weekend packing and going through all of our crap. I packed about 4 large boxes, have a few large trash bags full of stuff for Goodwill, went on a shredding spree shredding a bunch of doc's that I don't need to keep, and of course threw away a lot of junk.

The cats really took to all the boxes. Miss Kitty used them for sleeping, while Garbage used them as gnawing and scratching posts. Cats are so weird. They get super excited when they see an empty box or bag.

Yes, that is a Scrabble dictionary.

And of course, I spent some money this past week. I bought a new vacuum and a gigantic rug for the living room of the house, as well as a few other random things. I have been borrowing my mom's Dyson for two years...LOL! Of course, being my mostly frugal self, I only spent $100 on the 7.5'x9.5' rug, and $110 on the vacuum (20% off coupon :D).

I'm sure this weekend will be filled with much more packing and cleaning, but no more spending...until we move in ;)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


My favorite everything shop is Target (uhh, obviously!). Whenever Chris and I go we just walk around the entire store, almost always buying unnecessary things. So now that we are looking for house things, I have been scouring stores on the interwebs for awesome stuffs (okay well, anything cheap that looks cute).

Well FYI: is like 80 times better than the physical that is even possible...well it is!!!! If you are purchasing over a couple items, or something larger (like the bed I want), you can probably even get free shipping. Ikea is also an obvious love of mine, but half of the stuff online you can't order online. That just makes me a sad panda. AND I was going to order a bed from Ikea, $250 for shipping. What!!! That's almost the same price as the bed.
Also, I almost always check Amazon (even if I am ordering something somewhere else) to see if there are reviews on the item.

On the contrary, Pier1 and World Market have sucky online stores. Not so good for the at-work-internet-browers :)

What are you favorite online stores to browse? And who has the best deals!?