Saturday, October 31, 2009

Your Cliche Happy Halloween Dog Pictures

We're now one of those people.

Happy Halloween! Love Sadie, the A.D.D. bumble bee.

Love my nuts! (LOOK at the pitiful face!!!)

The only way to get them to sit still when there is a camera out: whipped cream! (As you can see, Sadie already ripped the bee antennas off..._

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why we love fall...

I'm going to start a new thing: post pictures on my blog before Facebook! Genius!!!

So as most of you know, my family has a "cabin" up in the mountains (Shaver Lake). Anyways, we haven't been there in quite a while and we ventured up there this weekend in hopes of nice weather and great scenery. Yeah, it was pretty much perfect. You should go.

On a little walk, just a hop and skip away from the house.

The colors were beautiful, and the dogs were in doggie heaven.

Posing for a picture in all of our grubby glory!

It'd rained a bunch a few weeks before, so the creek was full of water.

Sadie may or may not have clumsily fallen into a few pools of water while she was running around. ADD much?

Nothing better than seeing Tundra running around in the wilderness.

I hope you are all able to be experiencing fall in all of it's glory! It's pretty much the best thing ever. We spent our time up there collecting acorns and sticks for hopeful craft projects, building fires, and trying to find deer (which kind of failed a little bit, boo).

OH! Since I'm posting pretty pictures and all... here's a few good ones from our Michigan trip, which I will probably not end up blogging about because who blogs about trips 2 months later? Oh not me, neverrrr....

Monday, October 19, 2009


Via Flickr.

Everyone once in a while (probably more often than that), I'll have a blogging "dry spell." Pretty much every blogger than I have followed has had this before as well. I usually like to blame it on something - other than myself, of course!!!

Colleen wrote a post the other day that pretty much hit me right on. The number of outlets most of us use for social networking is kind of redonkulous! (Yep, that's a word!). And I think that leads to a lack of actual substantial writing on here.

Do I really need to tell you about my awesome trip, when I've already posted all my pictures of Facebook (given that a lot of my close friends/bloggers are on there)? Or tell you a little blurb of nothingness when I can just do that on Twitter?

I even took a stab at Tumblr and even updating Flickr on a regular basis. But then it's like you feel like you need to post the same thing EVERYWHERE. So annoying.

What do you guys think about this? How many different sites are you on and how do you juggle between them?

SO in actual news, my Etsy shop is featured on Oh How Lovely Shops, so if you want some free hair pins you should definitely go over there, read my very exciting interview, and leave a comment to win!!!

You know you want to win this!!! :)

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Oh yeah, why hello there...!

WOW I totally have sucked at's been AN ENTIRE MONTH. I blame this 100% on the fact that my e-mail change totally effed up my ability to blog. Yeah, I'll blame that. Not myself, nope. Never!!!

Well my main reason to update is to tell you about a giveaway hosted by the lovely Talia. She is giving away a ton of super cute fall-inspired things - annddd, one of those include one of my leafy hair pins! YAY! Some of my favorite people are also giving away items from their Etsy shops. Totally love this group of ladies! So if you haven't been over to her blog, you better hurry up! Leave a comment on her giveaway post by October 8th!!!

Some other things..
*Just got back from a week in Michigan - probably a post full of pictures to come soon!
*We left a week ago and it was 100 degrees, and today it's 70!!! LOVE IT.
*Planning on adding some new things to my Etsy shop this week.
*Getting excited about decorating for Halloween/Fall. I think I'm going to do that this afternoon. My giant orange tub of decor is calling my name. Do you guys have anything decor-wise you've done for fall?

Just a little fall inspiration for ya. One picture from our trip :)