Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I have a draft of another wedding post sitting around, buuuut instead I wanted to share a few pictures of a little hike we did last weekend. We hiked up to the place where we got engaged, it was so pretty. I picked a bunch of those flowery things to add some pretty color inside my house :)
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving, I truly am thankful for so much!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ceremony Favorites

We also had a short and sweet ceremony. Since it was so short we didn't really do much decorating at all. Not that anyone would need to, look out beautiful the scenery is!

I guess the flower girl (she's actually my cousin!) got a little scared and started running down the aisle. Those are white feathers in her basket - she didn't really throw them I don't think, hah!

This picture of my parents is sooo sweet.

I'd suggest you watch the video I made of the wedding to see more ceremony pics + music.

The bridal party walked down to Love and Some Verses by Iron and Wine, I walked down to Ingrid Michaelson's verson of Can't Helpt Falling In Love, and we walked out to New Soul by Yael Naim. I loooove all our wedding music, we put so much work into not only those songs but our entire playlist for the whole thing. I'll share more about that later too :)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wedding Party Favs

And here are some of my favorites of our wedding party. We had a super small group for our wedding party, I'm not really a fan of having half of my guests in my wedding party ;) Small and sweet is our style.

It also cracks me up how less photogenic guys are compared to girls!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Us: Favorites

Here are some of my favorite wedding photos of Chris + Me (but really, honestly..wish I could post them all, there so many good ones. But I'm afraid you all would abandon me)

Friday, November 12, 2010


I made a little wedding video today with some of our pictures. Warning, it's actually 12 minutes long (hah). Make sure you have your sound on :)

I'll post more of my favorite pictures later!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breakin' it Down: Wedding Prep

Gosh I have so much to share! We already received our wedding photos from the most awesome Colleen {Color Me Rad}, and they are just so pretty and amazing! I want to share some of my favorites along with some details/DIY's over the next few weeks.

Enjoy this first batch of photos! :)

We did our makeup and hair at the little hotel we were staying in; it was quaint and kind of old fashioned, but super cute at the same time. My sister did my hair and my good friend Mallory did my makeup!

Mine & the bridesmaids bouquets, which I made.

After we were done getting ready, we headed to our wedding venue, River Ridge Ranch. They have these little "cabins" and we got dressed in the little bridal cabin. It was kind of fun, because we stayed in there while guests were arriving and there was a few little windows to peek out of and spy on people :)

My niece, she's such a cutie & loves the camera!

Dressed & zipped up - yay!

I was pretty relaxed all day. Really, the only time I was stressing out was the day prior, since our wedding was over an hour away we had to make sure we had everything done, and everything packed and there. We definitely had forgot a few things, and thankfully we had people still back in Bakersfield to bring them to us :) After that, it was kind of a piece of cake!

Monday, November 8, 2010

A little wedding diy: favors

Alrighty! I am back in the blogging mode (I think), as I have tons of fun stuff to share both wedding and not wedding related. While I'm waiting to receive our official photos (this week, yipee!!!!), I wanted to share a DIY or two. I'm not kidding when I say we did everything ourselves for our wedding. And I am so glad we did. Everything turned out perfect, exactly our style.

I had a few different ideas for favors, but my sister and I came up with this great idea to use the many bags of coffee she has been able to accumulate from her job (helloooo Starbucks!). Each guest was able to take home a cute little bag of yummy Starbucks coffee, and oh, it smelled SO GOOD! You can do these easy favors for many other kinds of gatherings, too, and customize to your liking of course.

The VERY few things you'll need:

1. Muslin baggies. I used 4"x6", which held about a cup of coffee beans.
2. Alphabet/number stamps. I borrowed this rolling stamp from the lovely Morgan. An alphabet/number stamp set like this would be just as good.
4. Stamp pad in your color of choice.

So as for the DIY, just use your stamps to decorate your bag! If you are doing a bulk amount, I recommend doing one word/line one each bag, then switching to the next word/line. (for example, I stamped "CHRIS" on all the bags, then switch to "ALYSSA", etc.).

I happend to find the cutest little coffee mug stamp among my Mom's stamp collection, it was PERFECT for this. Fee free to use any decorative stamps, or none at all. Here's some adorable little stamps that would be perfect. I also had to use a brown Sharpie to create the "+" sign and the hearts in between our wedding date.

After all of your stamping is done, fill each bag with coffee using some kind of funnel (I made a ghetto funnel out of paper so coffee beans could fit through easily). We used one cup ber bag.

And last of all, tie your baggies so you don't lose the coffee (because that would just be sad!). So,voila, your favor bags are done! They shouldn't take very long and they are oh so cute :)

Oh and the best part, I only spent about 20 bucks to create 75 favor bags since all I had to buy were the muslin bags and the stamp pad. Score!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Oh hi!

We're married :) Just got back from our little honeymoon...more pictures and blogging soon!!!!

Photo from the lovely Colleen of Color Me Rad!