Friday, August 29, 2008

And the countdown begins!

Today is the 3-week countdown to moving day! [I really just need to have a reason to talk about my new house ;)] So, for this momentous occasion, I present to you my House To-Do list. I really do have a lot of trouble not going crazy and doing all of this at once. So, please, help me plan out a time line. I love you long time! These are kind of in order from "must-do" and on.


Repair 2 windows

Repair fencing

Paint dresser/nightstand

Buy area rug for living room

Shelving for entertainment area

Buy curtains for bedrooms / living room

Buy bed

Add ceiling fan to master bedroom

New light fixtures

Re-finish cupboards

Re-finish dining table/bench seats

New dining table chairs

Purchase a washer/dryer


Buy lawnmower

Buy patio furniture

Fireplace – add bricks

New baseboards

Replace hella tile with wood floors

Get a dog

Dog door

I am soo excited to share our many project's, before and afters, etc. YAY!

This weekend = going through all of our stuff and packing things we won't use, as well as getting ride of things we don't need! Fun and exciting!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Sneak Peak

A few pictures of the house; I have much more but I refuse to show the inside pics until I post some "before & after" pictures. Unless you bug me personally, then I can show you some more ;)

Dead grass-ed backyard...ghetto fence!

Front porch.

Weee...isn't it cute (the house...not my Mom, silly).

Friday, August 22, 2008

Scratch that...

Oh...did I mention...

WE GOT A HOUSE!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't have a picture yet...but here as some spec's: 3 bedrooms + office, 1366 sf, decent kitchen (I will make it much better), funky shaped backyard but room for future doggie, big front yard/cute patio, a garage that will actually fit 2 cars, laundry room inside (woohoo). Only negatives: fence needs to be fixed & everything is tiled except the bedrooms (though, the tile is nice).

Supposed to close by 9/26, and we're doing an inspection the weekend after this!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Oh. My. Bank. Account.

I found this Etsy shop with like, THE CUTEST EVERYTHING! I especially love the potholders, so cute! (I just bought a turtle one...)

Check it: BeanPickleSprout

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top Reasons the Radio Makes Me Cry

I have to listen to the radio at work because my computer speakers always make that ANNOYING noise that comes from my cell sucks. I don't mind some of the stuff on the radio, but half of it sucks, and 90% of the songs are played about 10 times a day. Totally. Ruined. These artists are some of my annoyances:

I don't care if you kissed a girl and liked it, lesbo. And I don't need to hear it 80 times a day. Congrats for being a one hit wonder. Maybe one day you'll be seen in the one hit wonders portion of "I Love the 2000's" (is that what it will be called???).

Your lyrics are retardalicious. I lose IQ points every time your song comes on; maybe you should team up with Katy Perry.

Ughhhh...I see ENOUGH of you all over the TV. Do I really need to hear your afternoon radio show Noooooo.

This is probably just Bakersfield but, come on. Do we really need to be replaying Sublime songs all day long? That was sooo 10-15 years ago!!!!

Carrie Underwood, et. all country singers. We have Country stations for you, you do not need to be on the alternative station. Maybe once a day, but no, I am pretty sure you are played more than the Country stations. Sorry to my Country lover friends.

...I really need to get new computer speakers...

Monday, August 11, 2008

I wonder where the 8 came from?

Sooo apparently this is "eight things you want to accomplish before you die" - scary and a little deep :p These aren't in order, just some things I can come up with at 8am on a Monday morning.

1. Buy a house. Well since we are in that process already, I'll further that by saying I would like to fix it up to be even nicer over a few years and make a good profit :)

2. (Obviously) Get married, have a couple kids, yadda yadda.

3. Finish school...what, when, I do not know!

4. Go on some adventures before we have kids. #1 place = Australia. Hawaii is next summer :) w00t. I would also like to make a trip somewhere far away with some friends, that would be a blasty-blast.

5. Laugh and make people laugh every day. Yesterday we had a big party for my grandpa's 90th birthday, and everyone said something, a memory, about him. The theme was how nobody has ever seen him be negative (even their children who are in their 50's) and every time you see him he is laughing and making jokes. I want to be that.

6. Do something to help animals. Not just like volunteer somewhere once or make a donation, I want to be involved in something for a long time. We all know that animals can be like children, so I think that they are all important.

7. I keep a binder of my favorite recipes that we've made (we cook dinner like every night, sooo we have a lot!), and when I am older I would like to put everything into some kind of book that I can share with my family, pass down even.

8. Build something. I don't know what yet...haha.

And, since I'm in lazy mode still (where is my coffeeee???), I tag whomever feelsl like doing this :)

Friday, August 8, 2008

Oh my, I am lame

Go to about 7:00 in this video and watch these guys' reactions for a few minutes. I literally was laughing so hard last night I was BALLING.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Growing Old

Happy 90th birthday to my grandpa, "Popo"!!! It was also their 60th anniversay yesterday!!!

Some very fond memories of my grandpa and grandparents:
  • Polish Christmas dinners at the Kapral house.
  • Picking up pennies and cans on our walks when we were young.
  • Reading the Sunday comics with Grandpa.
  • My Grandpa has the best sense of humor, still, hilarious.
  • Grandpa named out first family dog, Foxy.