Friday, September 24, 2010

Random Thoughts

Ack, I have been meaning to post all week but I feel like I don't have enough to say. First I wanted to thank you for all your comments about losing my kitty. I am still very sad, but better than the first few days. I would cry almost every time I went into my bedroom because that's where she hung out :-/

I had my bridal shower last weekend and had such a great time! It was my family and friends. Morgan, Jimaie, Steph & Sarah all drove down from out of town - which was super awesome! I just love my friends :) I was waiting to post about the shower until my aunt sents me photos (which she hasn't yet), but here are a couple that were on my camera.

Other than that, I am in full-force wedding planning mode. I've been ordering things for decor left and right the fast few weeks, so hopefully I will have all those things together soon! Only one month left as of yesterday, holy cow!
We are also having hardwood floors installed next week in our house. I am SUPER excited to get rid of our ugly white tile, I just hate it. It's a bit chaotic doing it right now since we have SO much going on, but I think it will be way worth it.
I am going to my cousin's wedding tomorrow, which I am super excited about! We have been dating our men for the exact same amount of time, got engaged within weeks of each other AND are getting married a month apart. And we are the same age, it's really weird! Unfortunately for them and the rest of us, its going to be in the HIGH 90's (!!!!) tomorrow & their wedding is outside. Hopefully it was be too bad.

Well that's about it, I think I am get strep throat or that's AWESOME..not. :)

Have an awesome weekend!

Friday, September 17, 2010


I've had a sad week. My sweet, adorable, loving, kitty is gone. I miss her so much. :( :( :( :( :(

Monday, September 13, 2010

My Uterus Hurts

My weekend was filled with cute little can't tell me you don't love photos of random little kids you don't know! Yeah, that's what I thought :D

My niece is the happiest little gal ever, I adore her!

It was this little one's first birthday, she's my cousin's daughter. SO CUTE.

Sadly, it warmed up here a bit this weekend :( Otherwise, we got some much needed stuff done: bought out wedding bands (!) and picked out the guys' wedding tux's. Woot!

Did you have a good weekend?

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fresh Air

This weekend we had a fun little trip up the mountains. After stopping by our wedding venue to take a looksie around, we headed up to about 7500' elevation to my grandparent's house in the mountains.

We had a great time just breathing the fresh air, relaxing, taking the dogs for walks. One morning we did a big hike up to a fire lookout WAY, way, way up on a mountaintop overlooking miles and miles of the Sequoia forest. So pretty.
This was our destination, although it probably took us 45 mins or so to even see this.
When we finally got up the the lookout, we had to climb these super scary stairs that were built up the side of huge mountainous rocks. Plus there was some wind. I didn't get many pictures of the stairs, needlesstosay.
We finally reached the top! The dogs even went!

The views were AMAZING. can see SO far away!

This little kitten lived up in the tiny lookout with a lady who worked there. Their space was SO small, maybe 12x12 - all they had was a bed and stuff to cook on, it seemed. Crazy.
A helicopter flew over us, they were taking supplies to the lookout.

Anyways, it was a nice little getaway and made for an awesome 3-day weekend. Although we were a bit bummed to leave and come home :) How was your weekend?

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Wedding Love: Wood

I have been adoring anything wedding that has to do with tree carvings. If you got one of our invitations you know what I'm talkin' bout! I came across a few Etsy shops that I'd probably buy everything from if I were rich. Here are some of my favorites:

{click to enlarge}

1. I have loved the stuff from Block Party Press' shop for a while, but the Wood You Love Me Necklace is catching my eye at the moment. You can get it personalized with you and your other half's initials and wedding date on the back side! Too cute. They also have matching cufflinks in the shop to match.

2. Blue Fabric Birds with Love Heart: I'm not sure if there is any cake topper more sweet than these two fabric birds. It's a little pricey at$93, I think I may try to make my own. I just love them too much!

3. I came across Rock Candy Vintage's shop a few days ago and I could literally purchase about 10 different items for our wedding. This Personalized Frame is a little "differen't" and I think it would be super cute at your wedding, and then used for decor at your home!

4. Another cake topper that I just adore, Love Birds with Tree and Nest. They are completely custom, and yet another thing you can use for decor/memorbilia in your home :)

5. How cute would these little Personalized Heart with Easels be if they were placed on all your wedding tables! Such a cute idea.

6. Wood Burned Bride & Groom Signs: I would use them for photo props and hanging in the back of our receptions chairs. I think they are super rad!

7. These teeny Personalized Birch Heart Magnets would make perfect wedding favors! Have them made with your initials and wedding date and voila!

8. I love stamps. And I really love this Tree Heart Stamp! You can use it in your wedding decor, stationary, etc. Plus, it lasts forever! :)

9. I love these Personalized Table Number Mason Jars as centerpieces. No seriously, I think I am going to make my own with some of those tags, so clever & rustic!

10. Wood Tree Slice Wedding Centerpiece: I also adore slices of wood as part of centerpieces. Having your initials carved into them is seriously so cute!

Hope you loved this stuff as much as I do, I wish I could have it all!! :)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Blahs

I've been struggling in recent months trying to find a balance. There are days and weeks when I am swamped at work, or so mentally tired from work that all I want to do is go home and do absolutely nothing. It's so draining! Most of the time I feel like I have zero energy, and it shows by my dirty, unorganized house, unkept yard, piles of dirty laundry everywhere, dogs in need of exersize, etc. Oh and also, things that I normally enjoy doing in my free time, like going for walks, taking the dogs out, crafting, my Etsy shop, blogging, reading blogs.

I feel so lame even complaining because I cannot imagine doing all of that plus having kids! Maybe it's the wedding planning that is added to that mess. Or the fact that I loathe summer and the heat makes me a grump.

So I am kind of looking for tips I guess. I feel like I am stuck in a rut. I am super happy and excited with wedding planning things, but everything else is such a mess it's sometimes hard to even BE excited about that. Just more things I have to add to my do-list. Do you guys ever feel like that? How do you have energy after a long day of draining work do get things done?

End rant! Thanks for reading my mess :) Hah!