Friday, March 21, 2008

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

This post is both inspired by my hair-cut yesterday and my constant watching of shows like What Not to Wear.

I cannot relate, whatsoever, with people who don't enjoy getting their hair done or leave it so ridiculously long and/or ugly-looking that it does nothing for them. And they don't want to change it. I've seen it a ton of times on these shows. The lady will have long, long hair and she doesn't even wear it down and refuses to cut it. It's up in a bun/ponytail and just looks like crap. WHY WOULD YOU WANT TO LOOK LIKE CRAP!? I do understand, however, that some people think their hair is a "security blanket". Do you really want to walk around with an ugly, old, ratty blanket? Ummm, no! I also could understand if you can't/don't want to spend a ton of money. Well, a) you don't have to spend a ton, and b) for the ladies on these shows, it's FREE!

I think most of the time, most people look "10 Years Younger" just with a simple change in hairstyle. The clothes, make-up...yeah they help, but I notice the hair makes the biggest difference. Plus, who doesn't like getting pampered for an hour or two? Really!


Morgan said...

Okay, I know the exact episode you're referring to... I saw it for the second time yesterday and had to change it because I knew that tall, blonde beast would once again refuse to cut her nappy mess and wouldn't ever wear makeup after the show was over. AHHHH!

And thanks for the comments! :) I felt a little silly/superficial/Stacy wannabe when I wrote that one! haha

Stephanie said...

I neeeeed to get my hair cut! That and Well I saw this blog that I was going to reference and now cannot find it to link to it. boo. Ok well there was a blog talking about how shoulder length is in. And now I'm dyyying to get it cut. I need to find a hair stylist here stat.

Stephanie said...

there gosh. I was obsessed with finding this link.

Talia said...

love the new picture! It's beautiful and spring-y... perfect.