Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A Litte Bit of Nothing

Most of the reason for this post is to...

1) Remind you to leave a comment on my 100th blog contest post!!!!!

2) Gives me something to do while the day is winding down...

3) Show you these few little things I bought as Christmas gifts that are absolutely fab:

I bought a handful of different prints from this shop for different people in my family (of course everyone has dogs!). Most of the ones I saw looked pretty much identical to said family member's pets. I got them in the mail yesterday and they are so much more amazing than I'd anticipated! The one above looks JUST like Tundra and how she lays!

I've purchased these bath fizzies for my Mom a few times and she absolutely loves them. If my bath tub was deeper, I'd buy some for myself as well. When I got my mail, the whole mail box smelled of yummy Christmas scents :)

I also ordered a couple of these checkbook covers on another etsy shop to give to whomever. When I got the package...I drooled over them so much that I kept one for myself :) Ooops!

I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday!!!!!


Sarah said...

Those dog prints are amazing! oh I wish I had a bath fizz right about now

Steph said...

Those prints are just perfect!! awww

sarah marie p said...

Oh man, that print looks EXACTLY like Tundra! So cute! And ... I'm in love with that check book cover! Birdie! Good find!