Thursday, April 2, 2009

Creepy Crawlers

Spiders and creepy bugs in general are pretty much the only thing I am afraid of. Itty bitty spiders that you can't even see? Deathly afraid of them too. You'd think after the billion time I watched Charlotte's Web as a kid, I wouldn't have this fear. But noooooo!

About a week ago, I hopped in the shower and I noticed a BIG spider up in the corner above the shower. It was probably about 1.5 inches round, or something? Whatever, it was a spider! When I told Chris about the spider our conversation was something like this:

Me: OMG...there's a huge spider in the bathroom! Can you kill it?

Him: Spiders eat bugs.

Me: There aren't any bugs in the bathroom!!!!!

Him: ...because the spider is eating them!

Sigh. Every time I went in the bathroom, over the past week, I'd look to see where that dang spider was. He moved from corner to corner...and it creeped me OUT!

Well today I peek in the bathroom before I take a shower and I don't see the spider on the wall. First thought: OMG HE IS GOING TO JUMP ON ME WHEN I GET IN THE SHOWER! I looked around, didn't see him I turned on the shower and figured if he was in the shower he'd get washed away. The shower went just fine, FYI.

So then I am getting ready for work, and Chris goes to take a shower, "Ohhh, he's in here." "Ummmm....WHERE?"..."Under my towel..."

Can you men PLEASE stop leaving your clothing all over the floor??? Kthanks.

So obviously I told him to kill it. Next thing I see is Chris walking outside with the spider in a candle jar, placing it gently back into the wilderness.



*jimaie.marie* said...

OMG! Alyssa, Chris is EXACTLY like TJ LOL!!! I swear!! We have 2 "mosquito eaters" on the wwalls of our house and they WEIRD me out. I've killed 2 or 3 before bc theyre SO big and i hate when they fly around. TJ lectures me and tells me how they're good bugs and blah blah blah. um, i dont care! Make them go away! LOL
I can't tell you how many spiders TJ has "saved" by catching them and carrying them outside.
Flippin weirdo's those guys are.

Lacey Bean said...

Oh all spiders in my apartment must die. My fiance gives me the same crap that they eat the other bugs, I don't care. I don't want them near me!!

Freckles said...

I have the same fear of spiders and thankfully so does Andrew. I know that when one of us sees a spider the other will either kill it or be backup if it should get away. Gross spiders.

This is Allison from As You Wish if you didn't already know that. You should check out my new blog if you haven't already.

lucklys said...

ugh! yes! spiders and bugs are the worst, especially when my bf doesn't want to smush them! he would rather put it outside too. i will run in the other room and refuse to return if he won't kill it. i'm pretty pathetic when it comes to things like that, but hey, until they start paying rent!

Morgan said...

AH!! I hate hate hate that guys do that!

I wonder how Chris would have felt about his spidey friend if he went to dry himself off with his towel and BAM! Spider on the face!

Anonymous said...


Chad kills them for me. At least Chris has good karma. :]

I think fear of spiders runs in our family... Dad and I squealed a few months back when a black widow was in the office. And yes, I ended up killing it. Dad is a sissy.

shanics said...

awweee, I love him more and more each day :)
<3 auntie

Anonymous said...

I would be having nightmares that he would find his way back inside the house somehow! yikes

See Sherm Blog said...

WAIT!? So you showered in your bathroom with a KNOWN SPIDER just inches away from you... FOR A WEEK??? Ooooooo NO! You could not pay me enough to do that. I would have been showering in our guest bathroom... and sleeping in another room. Kyle knows not to mess around when it comes to me and spiders. I don't just hate spiders, I fear them. I mean, I have dreams about them and wake up in a cold sweat. AND, I generally look under the table before I put my legs under it. Its that bad. OH... and forget patio furniture. Unless its JUST been cleaned, I don't use patio furniture. Too many chances for spiders.

sarah marie p said...

Ohmygosh, I would have been so scared that the spider would have jumped on me while I was nekkie in the shower! ahhhhhhhhh FREAKY!

*CPA* Su said...

OK you were seriously more patient than I could have been...a whole week?!?!? I'm the same as you...if it's got 8 legs, it doesn't matter how little it is, it's HUGE to me! I once got in the shower unaware of that fact that I wasn't alone, discovered the spider soon after (although I had already been in there a bit and it's a wonder I didn't step on the stupid thing), so I stood on the side of the tub as I washed it down, then got out of that shower, went down the hall dripping wet to my parents shower and tried to finish my shower all the while with one eye half open just-in-case there was a spider in there too! LOL!!! And for about a month after that incident, my showers were taken with one eye half open! :)

Steph said...

I guess it's just where we live but I've gotten quite used to spiders.. luckily neo is pretty good at hunting them. And Cale doesn't kill ours either. He just takes them outside... so they crawl right back into the house. lol