Thursday, July 9, 2009

I took advatage...

...of the Southwest airlines sale, sillies. So, we're going back! And it got me thinking: how often do you guys get to go visit out of state family?

Since I always worry about money, with the house and all, I don't typically splurge on anything. I spend my free time pulling weeds (half kidding!) instead of going to the movies. But, I think family is super important. So instead of buying a new house thing, we buy a trip :)

So here's to praying this time around it's not 15 degrees and snowy, but instead we can spend time outside in the beautiful fall colors.

PS, no, those dang Michigan commercials have not lured me into going there! Have you seen those? They are on 24/7!!!


Ashley said...

You can't sit through one show without seeing those commercials 5 times!

(((They do tempt me though!)))


michellewoo said...

Southwest annoys the heck out of me, but those deals! I just can't resist.