Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Dry spell, much?

I just pinched myself to make sure I was alive. I have nothing really bloggable to write about but here are some things I am wishing/planning to blog about:

  1. My craft room project. The room that I painted probably 2 months ago, then let pile up with crap while I crafted on the kitchen table. Chris helped me start organizing it this past weekend and I discovered a few things. a) Is that much felt REALLY necessary?, b) As I discover mutiple unopened baggies of supplies that I've orderd online, oh yeah, I totally ordered that months ago..., c) Why do I have 20 different types of glue? And 10 rolls of tape??
  2. I wish I could blog for months about wedding planning, at least I'd have something of substance to talk about. I might just want to work on getting engaged first. [Chris, are you reading this?? :)]
  3. I could write about a fun weekend I had but Morgan and Jimaie already did :)
  4. Etsy-ing. By now, you should have probably already figured out that when it comes to my free time, I'd like to think I can make time to work on my crafts and make some money, but that takes us back to #1...
  5. TV Show Watching. Umm, I could blog about how I have been spending my free time the past month having nightly dates with our new favorite shows on DVD: Dexter, How I Met Your Mother, and now Heroes. But, if I were to do this then it would appear that I have no life, and we wouldn't want people to think that now would we? Ok, I have no life.
  6. I turned twenty-four last week. Nothing to write home about, is this what getting older is like? *Oh oh, I did get my own sewing machine...ah, and back to that #1 again...*
I so promise I will get to one of these things soon! Eeeee!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

I took advatage...

...of the Southwest airlines sale, sillies. So, we're going back! And it got me thinking: how often do you guys get to go visit out of state family?

Since I always worry about money, with the house and all, I don't typically splurge on anything. I spend my free time pulling weeds (half kidding!) instead of going to the movies. But, I think family is super important. So instead of buying a new house thing, we buy a trip :)

So here's to praying this time around it's not 15 degrees and snowy, but instead we can spend time outside in the beautiful fall colors.

PS, no, those dang Michigan commercials have not lured me into going there! Have you seen those? They are on 24/7!!!