Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Antiquing fun

I have never been a big fan of shopping in general. I mean, Target is fine and all, but I can't shop at those places that have a million things to look at and sift through (Ross, for example). This means that every time I have seen an antique store I never thought twice about wanting to go inside and see what kind of treasures I could find. Also, most times I have tried my hand a garage saling, or taking a trip to Goodwill to find something awesome, I always fail. Never find a thing! And I always see people posting blogs about all the cool things they find an thrift and antique stores, and I'm not gonna lie, I am totaly jealous!

So this weekend we were downtown eating and just looking for something to do to waste a few hours of our time and we decided to stop in a couple big antique shops. Wow. I never knew they could have THAT much stuff in there! I was pleasantly suprised that not all of it was just..junk. I had my eye open for a few things (hint: did you read my last post?), but otherwise I was just looking for cute stuff. Well, the first thing I ran into was miss Talia :) And I am pretty sure she took all the cute things, I saw her grabbing a few adorable items - which I never found anything close to what she had, dangit!

Anyways, it was so fun to wander around. Here are a few things I picked up:

A cute little deer! (Shh..I may have bought more than a few cute little deers!)

Some pretty books, for $1! (Oh look..another deer).

A pair of these sweet little bird cages. Do you think I should put something inside of them?

So all in all, it was a success! Except for the fact that Chris now wants to decorate our house in antique swords...oye.

So who is with me next weekend?! :)


.jimaie.marie. said...

oh i love those books you scored!! Antiquing & thrifting can be such hard work but is so worth it (and becomes addicting) after you find awesome things :D
I need to head downtown and hit up my favorite shops again before it gets disgustingly hot...not that I need to add more crap to this house LOL!

Shannon said...

I'm so glad to see you tried antiquing and enjoyed it! All of your finds are simply adorable. Those bird cages?! WANT. Maybe you could put some pretty vines in them?

Morgan said...

Oooh, I love those books! I need to find some nice looking, cheap old books. Those penguin classics that have been redone are amazing, but SO freaking expensive! It's not like I'm going to read them or anything, geeze. lol

Love the deer!

Carrie said...

Yay! So glad your shopping trip was a success! Thanks for visiting my blog... how are you liking Indie Biz 2.0?

*CPA* Su said...

Look at all of that cute stuff! I NEVER find anything either. Well, if I do, it's always WAY out of my budget!!

Magdelyn said...

If I lived near you I'd totally be in.

Those books are fantastic, and I'm really digging that branch thing that's sitting on top of them. It looks like a cute necklace holder or something.

Steph said...

Score! Woolworth's is pretty awesome. I can usually find SOMETHING while I'm there. I love the bird cage. That's so awesome!

Lauryn said...

Cuteness! I love thrift stores and antique stores. You can always find such unique items!

I totally think you can leave that bird cage empty. It'll look cute either way!

JenRem said...

That deer is adorable. What a great find.
My parents used to adore antiquing and would force all of our vacations to be around that such topic. With this, I have learned to hate antique stores. Sometimes I'll still wonder in one, but for the most part, I try to stay as heck the far away as possible. HaHa. I'm missing out, right? :)

Talia said...

I'm way behind here (hehe), but GREAT finds! I'm so glad you found some cute things! Those books are amazing... I love vintage books.

It was so fun running into you there :)