Monday, May 31, 2010

Easy DIY: Grapvine Ball Lights

No really, this is so easy that I am almost embarassed to post it! Have you seen these uber cute grapvine ball lights at Target? I am sure there is similar stuff elsewhere, but I think they have been at Target for a few years and I have always wanted them. So we went to Target yesterday and they were on sale for $10 a package, and since we just purchased a new patio set, I HAD TO HAVE THEM. So we bought two.

And so, we get home, put up our new pation umbrella, and I want to hang the string of lights around the edge of the umbrella...aaannnddd, the two strands of lights (10 lights on each) only get about halfway around the umbrella. Then I am thinking, "am I seriously going to spend $40 on these dumb lights?! I could have made these for half the cost!" And so, since I was not that brilliant, let me share with you the easiness of making these for yourself.

Step one: Get a strand of white lights (if you have a house you most likely have some Christmas lights you can use!), we'd probably have to use a strand of 50 lights, but maybe you need 100 lights. Anyways, I found a 50 light strand online as low as $5.

Step two: Buy some grapevine balls. I am pretty sure I have seen them at lots of stores, including Michaels - not sure how much they are - however, I found some online for 49 cents each.

Step three: Do a happy dance because your strand of lights and your pretty grapevine balls probably only cost you $25, and you would have spend $50 at Target if you'd just bought the premade light strands. Plus, PLUS!!! You have one light strand which is WAY less of a headache than putting 4 or 5 light strands together (such. a. pain.).

You can thank me in baked goods or coffee, kthnx.


sarah marie p said...

I bet your patio looks so cute! Didn't you say you just got new patio furniture too? Ooooh!

Kyla Roma said...

Oh wow - that would look amazing! I need to try this =)

Becca said...

Thanks so much for this post! The exact same thing happened to me last summer- I got two strands of those lights at target and they didn't even get close to covering my porch rail. I just gave up and have lights on half, but now I can make my own!

.jimaie.marie. said...

oh you, YOU SO SMART! Isn't saving money the best feeling ever?! It always makes me feel so good about myself LOL! I bet your patio looks so cute, I think it's such a cute idea to hang these around the umbrella!

David Duer said...

How did you attached the balls to the lights?