Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A peek inside: Tres

Alright this is my last post on this topic! And hopefully I'll get to posting more interesting things sometime soon (lol). I mean, this is interesting right? RIGHT? :)

Lauryn wanted to see the inside of my purse:

Woooow, so not exciting! I am weird in the fact that I hardly carry anything in my purse! Every other woman I know has tons of stuff (crap) in theirs. I don't know, I have issues finding my 5 items alone already, hah. So at this moment, all I had was my wallet, some ibuprofin, some pens, tissues, gum, and my Disneyland birthday pin (why??! lol).

Raven wanted to see my spice "cabinet":
So we got this when we first moved into our old apartment. I like the look of it, but for me, I use the same handful of spices all the time so it's kind of impractical. Plus it's covered in dust ;) Oops.
Talia wanted to see my "garden":

HAH. HAH. This is my only "garden" that is currently qualified as a garden: my wine barrel which houses my newish tomato plant and some deadish chives (lol!).

Sara wanted to see the inside of our fridge "cribs style":

I recently cleaned out our fridge, I'm very happy about this because there was so much STUFF in there! So the important stuff: beers. Chris drinks the Mtn. Dew (blech). We've got some blueberries, hummus, piats, milk, juice, leftover mystery food, salsa...etc. :) Why does is seem like we have SO many condiments?


Sara McGinness said...

Alyssa, I love the new blog layout, its new right? Anyways thanks for taking a photo of your fridge. Anytime I clean out our fridge I always think we have WAY too many condiments. It makes me wonder how we ended up with all these condiments.

sarah marie p said...

Your Disneyland birthday pin is so cute! Yeah my purse is one of those filled with crap. Receipts, gum wrappers, uhh a spoon? It's pretty gross. As is my fridge! I also hate Mountain Dew! ewwwww Hey, at least your tomato plant is rocking! That's an accomplishment in the desert that is the Central Valley! Oh, and cute wallet!

Raven said...

We have the same gum!

Lauryn said...

Love the new blog design! And thanks for taking a photo of your purse! The simplicity of it kind of puts my purse to shame, because mine is a cluttered mess right now :)