Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Breakin' it Down: Wedding Prep

Gosh I have so much to share! We already received our wedding photos from the most awesome Colleen {Color Me Rad}, and they are just so pretty and amazing! I want to share some of my favorites along with some details/DIY's over the next few weeks.

Enjoy this first batch of photos! :)

We did our makeup and hair at the little hotel we were staying in; it was quaint and kind of old fashioned, but super cute at the same time. My sister did my hair and my good friend Mallory did my makeup!

Mine & the bridesmaids bouquets, which I made.

After we were done getting ready, we headed to our wedding venue, River Ridge Ranch. They have these little "cabins" and we got dressed in the little bridal cabin. It was kind of fun, because we stayed in there while guests were arriving and there was a few little windows to peek out of and spy on people :)

My niece, she's such a cutie & loves the camera!

Dressed & zipped up - yay!

I was pretty relaxed all day. Really, the only time I was stressing out was the day prior, since our wedding was over an hour away we had to make sure we had everything done, and everything packed and there. We definitely had forgot a few things, and thankfully we had people still back in Bakersfield to bring them to us :) After that, it was kind of a piece of cake!