Friday, February 8, 2008

Oh Sunny Day

A slow, Friday afternoon seems like a great time to blog! This is more of an update and less of anything exciting. I'll start off with the most exciting thing: Chris' new car! We bought a new car last weekend (Scion Tc), which is way exciting since we have been sharing one of the past year and a half! I do miss the drive to home and work with him though! So everything else going on just doesn't compare to that excitement :)
I've been doing some baking: I made my first loaf of bread a few weeks ago (wheat) and it turned out pretty good. I made some cupcakes for superbowl, half of them were carrot cake and the other half were mocha - with cream cheese frosting of course! On that same note, I'm excited that Steph and Cale are coming this weekend, we're planning to cook a dinner....homemade pizza maybe? We'll see! (By "we" I mean Steph and me since we know the boys will be playing their computer games).
Right about now I'm so sad that I am stuck in an office, it's soo nice outside!!! Hopefully the weekend will stay like this. I plan on doing lots of cleaning (bought some more Method products last night to get me in the mood), going to the gym and just getting some stuff done! Making the time for all that is so hard it seems, but that's life. Hope everyone has a good weekend :)

PS. I get these Ice Breakers "mints" from Target that are pomegranate lemonade flavor and they are amazing, you must try!


Stephanie said...

yay for cooking adventures! i cannot wait until Saturday, with me in the kitchen it should be interesting :)

Talia said...

I read about your homemade pizzas in Steph's blog. They looked so yummy!