Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Another boring update

Not a whole lot going on lately dudes. House hunting continues; have not heard out about our house #1 offer from a month ago and just heard today that our house #2 offer was not taken even though we had the highest offer. It's discouraging because the more you look, every single day, the more you hate going back to your lame apartment. Also, after this month I will have a few thousand bucks saved up for home stuff...so I guess that is a plus for taking it slowly too. But man, I can imagine if we didn't have rent to pay! I am just glad that we aren't really in a hurry or have some kind of a deadline that we need to find something by. Although, it would have been a nice birthday present :(


Steph Corwin said...

I'm sorry that your offer didn't get accepted! That is lame-o! Though you are so much closer to getting a house than I am!! So there's your bright side.

P.S. The shed just lowered its price to 180k. 1 room no bath... but big backyard!

Talia said...

I hope it works out soon! I know how hard it is to be patient.
When is your birthday?

thesoundofsettling said...

Be very happy you don't have a deadline like we did. It was soooo stressful!!! I bet you will find something soon :)

rachel elizabeth said...

that stinks... did they tell you why? i know the process is super frustrating, i deal with it every single day.

just think of it like this: your dream house? it's still out there waiting for you... there's a reason why the past ones didn't work out, so hang in there love!

if you want any help or have any questions, feel free to always let me know!