Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm a Loser, Baby

This is pretty lame of me: I fully intended on making a video blog answering 5 questions that Steph asked me. My first excuse is because my boyfriend wouldn't be in it. My second excuse is that I forgot to order the larger SD card for my camera (umm, like 2 months ago) and so the piece of...ya know...card that I have now won't record more than 2-3 minutes. AND, my third excuse, I lent out my camera today, so when I now have time to do this post (tonight!!!) I don't even have the darn thing if I wanted to.

So, instead I will video blog about my BATHROOM when I get my camera back tomorrow, fair trade? Okay, let's do this!

Here are the 5 questions that Steph sent me:

(Okaaay, Chris started reading & answering the questions after I started, so I'm giving you his answers too..hah)

1. Ideal life in ten years: what would your Saturday afternoon consist of?

Me: Haha, well in my wildest dreams...I would be in Hell co-running a bed and breakfast with the devil. Oh wait...I mean I would be taking lavish vacations to different islands on my private jet. (I hope you got that reference :p) . But okay...back in reality, my ideal life would be...we probably had a morning filled with soccer/baseball/whatever crazy sports games with our kids. So we'd be recovering from this morning by going out for pizza, because that's where you go after a sports game right? Or maybe we'd be having a barbecue, and I'd invite all my friends and their kids over. Yeah I think I like that better. Oh and this place would be our newer, larger house with a big backyard ;)

Chris: playing with the kids in the backyard, building a tree fort :)

2) What is your all-time favorite meal to eat? To cook?

Me: This is really hard (that's what she said). I LOVE FOOD! Chris' chicken (see below!) is my favorite to eat. To cook..probably anything really! I love cooking, and baking :) We made a really good meal for V-day last year: I believe it was blue cheese crusted fillets, some oysters with a champagne sauce, and we made molten chocolate cakes AND whipped cream...all from scratch!!!!

Chris: My awesome chicken (chicken breasts stuffed with mozzarella cheese and spinach - and shredded Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top - cooked to crispy goodness!!!). And cheesecake for dessert!

3) What was your favorite cartoon growing up?

Me: My Little Ponies and Carebears! I still want to buy all of the MLP & Carebear stuff whenever I see it in stores :-/

Chris: teenage mutant ninja turtles. i had all of the action figures and I had a ninja turtles backpack, folders for school, movies, Halloween costumes, and...everything!

4) You are sitting in an airport... where are you headed?

Me: Australia! That's the one place that I want to go the most! They have cool animals :) I hope that I can maybe go there on our honeymoon...someday...coughcough.

Chris: Australia mate! Because I want to see Alyssa smile when she sees little kangaroos, wallabies, and dingos, baby!

5) What was the last book you read, and would you recommend it to others?

Me: Ummm...I plead the 5th! I read a LOT when I was younger (Boxcar series, anyone? Goosebumps?!), however, I think after high school/college reading I no longer found it fun to read. I'm still trying to get people to suggest good books to me :)

Chris: I don't read books. Some Harry Potter book??? I read the Internet when I want information!

I hope that wasn't too boring for you guys, haha! If anyone wants me to "interview" them, let me know ;)


*jimaie.marie* said...

awww!!! chris gets 10pts for going to Australia just to see you smile :D

i may be backing out of my other interview i told you about simply b/c i felt the answers to my Q's made me feel too "mommy blogger" It annoyed me LOL

Sara McGinness said...

that is so cute that you guys both participated in the 5 questions AND your guys' answers to #1 are definitely a sign that you guys are meant for each other.

Steph said...


And Australia sounds cool.. probably not right now since it's all burning down :(

And I totally used to love Care Bears and My Little Ponies too.. I would line up all my Care Bear stuffed animals on the couch to watch the show with me

*CPA* Su said...

AHHH! I love Chris' answer to #4...SOOO sweet!!

And that chicken sounds super delish! I need to come to your house for dinner! :)

Anonymous said...

You should go to New Zealand instead of Australia (you can ask Chad all about that!). Much more remote and fun!!

Also, there is a place in town that has old TMNT action figures. Maybe I will share this secret location with you??