Tuesday, February 17, 2009

On Painting, Furminating, Baking & Microwaving

I'm punishing myself for not finishing and posting pictures of my bathroom semi-makeover. So here you go (most unflattering video ever, but oh wells!)

Bathrooooom from Alyssa Kapral on Vimeo.

On the next note, we recently purchased a FURminator on Ebay; I totally pwned Petco's $50 price tag, by over half. Awesome. Our dog as been in omigosh shed-mod for the past 3 weeks or so, and her regular brush was not cutting it. After watching a few videos on Youtube, we decided it was a must have. Vacuuming the carpet and couch every day is way fun. You know your dog sheds too much when your lint screen in the dryer is HALF DOG HAIR (not even kind of kidding).

This is our rug (on drugs), probably from just a few dog-shedding filled days.

This would be a pile of Husky hair, after just a couple minutes of brushing. Repeat for about 10 more hours and you may or may not be done :)

I have been sucking lately at baking, for reals. I saw this recipe last week, and knew I had to make it...red velvet cake is my favorite. It was SUPER simple, since you can use a box of cake mix ($1 at Target!). They were AMAZING. If you make this I suggest you watch out how much of the cream cheese filling you add, because it's pretty sweet/rich.

Oh...umm...I had to show off the font I made of my handwriting, hah!

Nom nom.

We also bought a new microwave this weekend for Valentine's Day. By "we" I mean Chris, and by "Valentine's Day", I mean it just happened to be Valentines Day when he ordered it ;) It's being delivered tomorrow from Home Depot! w00t for free delivery! I also thought microwaves were going to be like, $100..but apparently the over the range ones are way more expensive. Darn.

I probably should have split this into 4 separate posts...oops!!!


Shannon said...

I love the purple/silver theme you did :) So pretty ... and boy I know what you mean about the husky shed problem. We have little poms with that undercoat, so not quite as much, but we do have a lot of shedding for such little dogs.

Jennifer said...

I have been thinking about getting a FURminator! It really looks like it works. That much hair removal in a few minutes? Awesome! It usually takes me hours, but then it looks like I've sheered a sheep!!

I'm going to go out and get one because the shedding season has started and I have Pig-Pen fur clouds!

shan said...

it says your video is not available anymore- sup wit dat?!

dont' worry, i'll forgive- those cookies look amazing! yummy!!!

Ooooh, and we need to buy that furminator! we have one "like it" called the bamboo but it doesnt' do that! our cats need it!

Raven said...

It looks gorgeous! I love the purple walls.

Cheeziemommie said...

oooh I LOVE your bathroom!!!

See Sherm Blog said...

Oh my goodness!!! The amount of hair that came off your dog is INSANE!!!! I wonder if one of those brushes would work on a short haired dog?? His little white hairs are EVERYWHERE and with baby on the way, its starting to gross me out more and more.

Hmmm... I'll have to look into that.

BTW... LOVE the purple!

Morgan said...

I'm totally making those cookies! And your handwriting font is adorable!
AND I'm in love with the paint in your bathroom... it turned out so cute!


Anonymous said...

FYI- those cookies were good but seriously everyone said they could've killed with all of the sugary sweetness!

Bathroom looks great, my fav comment was "it's bright in here"- TOTAL UNDERSTATEMENT! Get new, softer lights! It's like a warehouse in there! ;]

*jimaie.marie* said...

holy moley, I want a FURminator and i dont even have an animal LOL!! Seriously the videos I watched were mesmerizing, can i come watch you groom Tundra? ;D I SHOULD show my mom bc her (outside) dogs shed like MOTHERS but then she's just get it and make me come do it for her. so, no thanks :P

i LOVE your bathroom, i usually despise purple but I love how you made it work, the silver accents are so great! i think certain shades of purple are growing on me now, what has happened to me!? hehe.

I MUST try those cookies, MUST. I right clicked and saved your image of the recipe, it's MINE NOW! ;D

Your handwriting font is so cute, i really want to make my own! But i fear it would not be as neat & cute as everyone elses i've seen in the blogosphere so I'll prob keep it to myself. ha.

*CPA* Su said...

I love PURPLE so I absolutely LOVE your bathroom!!! And that's so cool that you used pictures that you took...so original! :)

And that is some serious fur! WOWZERS!! HAHA!

Kyla Bea said...

Oh my gosh!! Those cookies look amazing, I've seen the Oreo versions but... wow.

Good call!

Talia said...

ooooh, I LOVE the color you painted your bathroom!! Tres chic!! It looks great.

those cookies look amazing-- a must-try, for sure.

by the way, I loved your video and the toilet paper comment. You're funny. :)

Steph said...

I loved the video :) and I watched it a million years ago and never commented.. bad friend!

Oh and I was slightly tempted to drive the four hours to Bakersfield so I could eat up those yummy cookies......

Laura said...

I can see why you wanted to show off your handwriting! Mine is such messy scrawl!

I just found you (freckled nest). I'm loving those yellow shoes from another post.