Saturday, August 8, 2009


I think I'm about the only person I've heard of who isn't a fan of lists.

Sure, I make lists. Handwritten lists. Grocery store lists, and at time "To Do" lists. I also almost always forget my lists at home, rendering them useless as I head to Fresh & Easy or Target. And those to-do lists, when I make them, it feels nice to make a list and check things off..that is, if you have time to check things off. So my lists seem more of like a never ending list of things that I will never get to.

Then there's my favorite thing, Wishpot: my website of lists! Imagine that! I know there's plenty of websites where you can compile lists of things you want, but it's sooooo much better! You can make your own categories of things (gifts, things you want, just cool things you find...etc, etc.). You can also add a button to your web browser, so that when you're surfing the web and see something that interested you, you just hit your Wishpot button and it'll add it to one of yours lists, you pick. Also, you can do all kinds of registries on Wishpot, awesome!

The two coolest things are: 1) you can add your friends to Wishpot, so when their birthdays are coming up it automatically sends you an email and you can check out what's on their wish list. If you buy something on their list you can "reserve it", and they won't know who got them something (it also provides you with their mailing address, if you are their "friend"), and my favorite, 2) It emails you when something on your lists has gone on sale!!! All that stuff you've added from Athropologie and Urban? Yeah, when that goes on sale you automatically know, pretty awesome!

Yeah so, I am a big fan. And you should be too. There's a lot more to it so you should check it out, and if you do go ahead and add me :)

And no, Wishpot isn't paying me to tell you this LOL (although, I wouldn't mind!).


wishpot said...

Thank you for featuring Wishpot on your site! You did such an incredible write-up. We're so happy to hear that you're such a fan! Please don't hesitate if you ever have any questions, comments, or suggestions. We're here!

Going to friend you now... :)

*jimaie.marie* said...

i remember when you first showed me Wishpot, I was like WHOA, THIS is awesome.
I actually forgot that I had one! I must start being greedy and adding more wants ASAP :P

Anonymous said...

Is this website basically you telling people what to buy you? Damn... this isn't a good thing for me. I had a shopping problem and FIXED IT, I don't want it back.

Also, you're friends with wishpot? Are you SURE they didn't pay you?!