Monday, October 19, 2009


Via Flickr.

Everyone once in a while (probably more often than that), I'll have a blogging "dry spell." Pretty much every blogger than I have followed has had this before as well. I usually like to blame it on something - other than myself, of course!!!

Colleen wrote a post the other day that pretty much hit me right on. The number of outlets most of us use for social networking is kind of redonkulous! (Yep, that's a word!). And I think that leads to a lack of actual substantial writing on here.

Do I really need to tell you about my awesome trip, when I've already posted all my pictures of Facebook (given that a lot of my close friends/bloggers are on there)? Or tell you a little blurb of nothingness when I can just do that on Twitter?

I even took a stab at Tumblr and even updating Flickr on a regular basis. But then it's like you feel like you need to post the same thing EVERYWHERE. So annoying.

What do you guys think about this? How many different sites are you on and how do you juggle between them?

SO in actual news, my Etsy shop is featured on Oh How Lovely Shops, so if you want some free hair pins you should definitely go over there, read my very exciting interview, and leave a comment to win!!!

You know you want to win this!!! :)


See Sherm Blog said...

Say what? First comment??

You know I love hair pins!!

Obviously, you know how I feel about the whole blogging/facebooking/twitter/tumbler/flickr thing. Soooo many outlets that we are plugged into that sometimes it just feels like too much. I've decided to keep my blog for now, even if that means I don't update it as often. And even though there are people I'd rather not read it (like my MIL) I still think I'd feel like I was missing something if I shut it down. ya know?

Steph said...

I have the blog, tumblr, facebook, flickr, and twitter.

I really don't put too much on the facebook, except that flickr2facebook has made it so much easier for me to put certain pictures on my facebook. I don't blog as often as I used to, but I think I finally have control over my google reader, which makes my life SO MUCH easier.

Ashley said...

A resounding UGH! from me.

I so, so, SO get this.

I don't know how to juggle it - I just do a crappy job at it all, sadly.

So much I could say about this.. SO MUCH.

Instead, I leave you with: UGH.

Talia said...

I know what you mean... this is why I've never joined Twitter. I refuse to because I know it would stress me out, being one more thing to keep up with. The blog and facebook are plenty for me, thankyouverymuch :)

sarah marie p said...

Yeah it seems like Twitter can easily ruin blogging ... put a random thought on Twitter rather than rambling about it on the blog ... or post a picture on Twitter rather than blogging about whatever the picture is all about. I imagine Facebook is the same! ahh! That's why I'm glad I'm not on facebook because i'm sure one more social media outlet would totally stress me out, especially since i've been so horrible at blogging lately! ahh! need more time in the day!