Sunday, October 25, 2009

Why we love fall...

I'm going to start a new thing: post pictures on my blog before Facebook! Genius!!!

So as most of you know, my family has a "cabin" up in the mountains (Shaver Lake). Anyways, we haven't been there in quite a while and we ventured up there this weekend in hopes of nice weather and great scenery. Yeah, it was pretty much perfect. You should go.

On a little walk, just a hop and skip away from the house.

The colors were beautiful, and the dogs were in doggie heaven.

Posing for a picture in all of our grubby glory!

It'd rained a bunch a few weeks before, so the creek was full of water.

Sadie may or may not have clumsily fallen into a few pools of water while she was running around. ADD much?

Nothing better than seeing Tundra running around in the wilderness.

I hope you are all able to be experiencing fall in all of it's glory! It's pretty much the best thing ever. We spent our time up there collecting acorns and sticks for hopeful craft projects, building fires, and trying to find deer (which kind of failed a little bit, boo).

OH! Since I'm posting pretty pictures and all... here's a few good ones from our Michigan trip, which I will probably not end up blogging about because who blogs about trips 2 months later? Oh not me, neverrrr....


See Sherm Blog said...

So pretty!!! I want to go to Shaver so bad! I miss it there.

Talia said...

WOW. take me with you next time. lol

those colors are SO GORGEOUS. living in Bakersfield, it's kind of easy to forget just how stunning autumn colors can be. What an awesome sight. I always want to say a prayer and thank the Lord every time I see explosions of color in nature like that. hehe.

I'm so glad you got away and got to enjoy such beauty!!

sarah marie p said...

These pictures are all so gorgeous! Wow! The doggels must have had so much fun! So neat your family has that cabin! It's so beautiful in Shaver. And your cabin is so cozy and homey!

I also love the pictures from Michigan! So, so pretty! Seems really peaceful up there!

.jimaie.marie. said...

these are GORGEOUS.
I wish I would've gone up to see you, I went to pick up my boys from my mom's house and it SMELLED like fall up in the mountains! I wish I had made more time to spend there!!
I think it is so awesome that your family has that beautiful cabin in Shaver, we need to do a bloggy meetup again giiiirrrrrrl! :D