Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lovely Things

Ah, so much going on...yet so little blog about. Let me share with you all a few (or a ton) of recent purchases that I L.O.V.E.

More importantly, NEW CARPET! We used to have those ugly white tiles under there, so gross and COLD! Can you guess what the first thing I did when it was installed? Rolled on it, like a 5 year old. I'm cool.

This whole carpet buying thing was kind of a long process, but OH SO WORTH it. Unfortunately, we still have ugly white tile. Pray for us to save money soon for wood floors :)

They love it, too.

I didn't actually buy this, I WON it from a contest that Michelle Woo had on her blog. The lovely frame was from a company that her sister started, Name That Frame. I got to pick what it said and obviously I gave her some cheesy word ;)

Are those not the cutest little winter birdies you've ever seen? (have you even ever SEEN winter birdies? Probably not!). I got them at a little gift shop at Shaver Lake.

I also got these adorable salt and pepper shakers at the same place as my winter birds :) CUTE.

The best shoes, ever. I had a brown pair of these Sanuk's, but they may or may not have got covered with an explosion of purple nail polish when we went to Michigan.

This big, yellow, warm scarf from Target. I'm kind of obsessed with this color lately, not gonna lie. And I just LOVE this scarf. I'm one of those people that wears something new that I buy basically all. the. time.

I bought this headband from an Etsy shop a bit ago. Seriously so cute. Of course, I do make my own headbands but I just loved this fabric/color combo. Plus, Etsy seller love ftw. I also bought this yellow one. I'm such a sucker for cute hair things.

Oh and just for good measure, a picture of the lovely Sadie McWhinerson.

Hope you all are having a lovely winter! :) Stay tuned for more posts, I promiseeeeeeeee!!!


Katie said...

OMG! I have some things to return at Target in the morning and I WILL BE LEAVING WITH THAT YELLOW SCARF! YUM! We will have to be scarf twins :D I am pretty obsessed with that color right now too. And Grey. And the two together? MMMMMMM

Sara McGinness said...

I love those headbands but I am jealous I just can't wear them I must have a huge head or I am just sensitive because I always end up with a massive headache. But they are so cute!! SO is Sadie.

Lauryn said...

That fram is seriously adorable! I want one! :)

Not everyone can pull of the color yellow, but you are rockin' that scarf! Very cute.

See Sherm Blog said...

Must. Have. That. Headband.

Andrea said...

1. I love those little birdies!

2. I have the same shoes. :)

3. I'm ABOUT TO HAVE the same headband! Haha

*CPA* Su said...

*I NEEEED those shoes!!!

*And that scarf!!

*AND those birds!!!!! LOL! (plus there is some ADORABLE winter bird fleece fabric at Joann's that I keep eyeing!)

*I SOOO wish I could wear headbands, but they ALWAYS give me a headache! :(

*Love the new carpet too! ;-)

michellewoo said...

Oooh, the frame looks nice! Also, LOVE that headband! I want one!

Amy said...

I love those little birdies and the headband! So cute!

Amy --- Just A Titch

Amy said...

I love those little birdies and the headband! So cute!

Amy --- Just A Titch

Classy in Philadelphia said...

I love the scarf and your headband! Super cute and stylish :)

sarah marie p said...

I love that scarf! I'm also in love with that mustard yellow color! So fun! And I love both of your headbands you bought. Too cute. Sigh, etsy is way too addicting!