Thursday, June 17, 2010

200 + Yellow

So this is my 200th post! Ah! I wanted to do something exciting, but I haven't come up with any brilliant idea yet, but I will! Soon! I just had about 3 other things I wanted to blog about and didn't want to wait :)

Anyways, I haven't talked about wedding stuff lately, mostly because not a whole lot has been going on in the past few months. But now, we have 4 months to go and we need to start working out the little details like decor and such!

What I really am struggling with is finding the perfect shoes. I want yellow shoes! At first I wanted just flats because I am totally not a heels person, and I wouldn't be comfortable wearing them for hours. But, I think I want a tiny bit of a heel because I am already the shortest person in the wedding party and I know the other two are going to have some sort of heel = awkward :) I have found a lot of cute stuff, but I am not sure I have found the perfect shoe. What really bugs me is when I see photos of an awesome/perfect shoe but have no idea of the brand or anything, this makes me cry.

Anyways, here is some yellow wedding shoe inspiration for ya'll (oh hai, I am apparently from Texas today).

Are you dying of cuteness yet? Omygawd, so cute I may just puke.


Kyla Roma said...

Those shoes are amazing!! It looks like whatever you choose, if it's in that kind of a "direction" will be gorgeous. Definitely falling over from the cute :)

Morgan said...

Oh, I love the yellow!! The very first pair are super adorable!

I'm on a mission to find a pair for you now, haha... I'll update you soon. lol

Anonymous said...

i LOVE yellow shoes!!! i just know the top right photo's shoe is from tjmaxx... but i couldn't find them at my tjmaxx, boo!! hope you find a pair!!

Steph said...

YAY for 200 posts! And if Morgan finds you "the pair" after the .5 billion I've sent you, I'll cry. :)

sarah marie p said...

Congrats on 200 posts!

Ummm now I really want some ruffly yellow shoes. Well, I actually already have a pair of mustard yellow ruffly flats (er, teeny tiny not really a heel more like flats shoes) but now I want MORE! SOOOO the cute!

Can't wait to see which pair you pick!

Anonymous said...

my wedding colors are going to be turquoise and yellow (which will be executed much nicer than it sounds...). I was going to go with yellow flats/sandals, but I decided that in the end, I'd much rather be barefoot, haha.

I do own a pair of yellow flats however (which are never a bad idea) and they are my go-to shoes for almost everything I can't wear flip-flops to :)