Saturday, June 26, 2010

Vintage + Camping

I've got camping on the brain these days. Today I was looking for a few little camping supplies and started to find all kinds of goodies. If these lovely finds don't make you want to go camping, I have no idea what will :)

1. 1960s-70s Floral Carafe - $18.00
11. Vintage Owl Camping Lights - $31.00 (current, Ebay)
13. 4 Vintage Camping Chairs - $19.00 (current, Ebay)
If that wasn't enough cuteness, here's some camping photos to make you drool. (all via weheartit)


Shannon said...

Great finds! I LOVE the idea of camping, but once I'm out there and the bugs start getting to me and I hear the crackles of the leaves, I think I'm either going to be eaten alive or murdered. These photos do make me crave it, though!

Lauryn said...

Love love love! I haven't been camping in years and I miss it so very much! It's hard to make plans to go when everyone's got weird work schedules and your significant other doesn't love the great outdoors as much as you do!

Let's just meet up somewhere between Michigan and California and have a blogger campout!

.jimaie.marie. said...

Gah, SO CUTE! If only camping WERE this darling!! I'm pretty sure I would just live outdoors and not in a house lol!!

sarah marie p said...

Oh, these pictures and all of these vintage goodies are just too adorable! Gimme!

Haha, I love Jimaie's comment. Too bad camping = ugly old sweatshirts, ponytails and borrowed boring ol stoves and such! I wish I had that cutie pie RV and all of the accessories!

sarah marie p said...

p.s. My favs are no. 1 and 3. Too precious!