Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fresh Air

This weekend we had a fun little trip up the mountains. After stopping by our wedding venue to take a looksie around, we headed up to about 7500' elevation to my grandparent's house in the mountains.

We had a great time just breathing the fresh air, relaxing, taking the dogs for walks. One morning we did a big hike up to a fire lookout WAY, way, way up on a mountaintop overlooking miles and miles of the Sequoia forest. So pretty.
This was our destination, although it probably took us 45 mins or so to even see this.
When we finally got up the the lookout, we had to climb these super scary stairs that were built up the side of huge mountainous rocks. Plus there was some wind. I didn't get many pictures of the stairs, needlesstosay.
We finally reached the top! The dogs even went!

The views were AMAZING. can see SO far away!

This little kitten lived up in the tiny lookout with a lady who worked there. Their space was SO small, maybe 12x12 - all they had was a bed and stuff to cook on, it seemed. Crazy.
A helicopter flew over us, they were taking supplies to the lookout.

Anyways, it was a nice little getaway and made for an awesome 3-day weekend. Although we were a bit bummed to leave and come home :) How was your weekend?


Lauryn said...

I haven't seen mountains since i visited Colorado nearly six years ago. I'd love to see some again! Your photos are beautiful!

Andrea said...

This is amazing! I'd love to see this place. Your photos are gorgeous.

Steph said...

Be careful Tunders! lol! That is so crazy! You're much braver than I am! The view looks like it was amazing though

sarah marie p said...

What an amazing view! Great pictures, lady! And omg I can't believe that was Tundra on that rock! Eeeee I would have been so scared to see my doggel on that ledge! Tundra (and you too) are hardcore! That lookout point is so cool. And so crazy that a lady and her cat live there! I love that cat. So cute!