Monday, August 11, 2008

I wonder where the 8 came from?

Sooo apparently this is "eight things you want to accomplish before you die" - scary and a little deep :p These aren't in order, just some things I can come up with at 8am on a Monday morning.

1. Buy a house. Well since we are in that process already, I'll further that by saying I would like to fix it up to be even nicer over a few years and make a good profit :)

2. (Obviously) Get married, have a couple kids, yadda yadda.

3. Finish school...what, when, I do not know!

4. Go on some adventures before we have kids. #1 place = Australia. Hawaii is next summer :) w00t. I would also like to make a trip somewhere far away with some friends, that would be a blasty-blast.

5. Laugh and make people laugh every day. Yesterday we had a big party for my grandpa's 90th birthday, and everyone said something, a memory, about him. The theme was how nobody has ever seen him be negative (even their children who are in their 50's) and every time you see him he is laughing and making jokes. I want to be that.

6. Do something to help animals. Not just like volunteer somewhere once or make a donation, I want to be involved in something for a long time. We all know that animals can be like children, so I think that they are all important.

7. I keep a binder of my favorite recipes that we've made (we cook dinner like every night, sooo we have a lot!), and when I am older I would like to put everything into some kind of book that I can share with my family, pass down even.

8. Build something. I don't know what yet...haha.

And, since I'm in lazy mode still (where is my coffeeee???), I tag whomever feelsl like doing this :)


Steph Corwin said...

I love the binder of recipes idea. you guys are always cooking. that would be so perfect for you!

And you could always foster through the SPCA once you get a house. I'm sure it would be super rewarding and fun.

Talia said...

these are so good, Alyssa! I especially love the idea of a cookbook for your family someday. It's so neat that cooking is such a huge part of your life. I look forward to when I'm a better cook. :)

So great that you get to go to Hawaii next summer! That will be amazing.

I still need to do my list too! Hmmm...

Chatabox Girl said...

Some great goals! Im moving to australia at the end of this month. I completly understand why you want to go there!