Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Top Reasons the Radio Makes Me Cry

I have to listen to the radio at work because my computer speakers always make that ANNOYING noise that comes from my cell sucks. I don't mind some of the stuff on the radio, but half of it sucks, and 90% of the songs are played about 10 times a day. Totally. Ruined. These artists are some of my annoyances:

I don't care if you kissed a girl and liked it, lesbo. And I don't need to hear it 80 times a day. Congrats for being a one hit wonder. Maybe one day you'll be seen in the one hit wonders portion of "I Love the 2000's" (is that what it will be called???).

Your lyrics are retardalicious. I lose IQ points every time your song comes on; maybe you should team up with Katy Perry.

Ughhhh...I see ENOUGH of you all over the TV. Do I really need to hear your afternoon radio show Noooooo.

This is probably just Bakersfield but, come on. Do we really need to be replaying Sublime songs all day long? That was sooo 10-15 years ago!!!!

Carrie Underwood, et. all country singers. We have Country stations for you, you do not need to be on the alternative station. Maybe once a day, but no, I am pretty sure you are played more than the Country stations. Sorry to my Country lover friends.

...I really need to get new computer speakers...


Morgan said...

hahaha, you sound just like me! And I know that cell phone sounds -- it makes my brain feel like it's melting.

thesoundofsettling said...

I'm totally with you on this blog!

Steph Corwin said...

Bakersfield does love its sublime. and thanks for the exception for your county friends, though I agree country belongs on country stations

Alisa Marie said...

that is exactly how I feel.