Monday, May 18, 2009

Cuteness in the Kitchen

I thought I would share some lovely kitchen things I have found on the Internetz lately (ie., I have nothing better to do). Hope you enjoy :)

Lovebird S&P shakers! SO CUTE! I am determined to have somebody buy me these (hint hint wink wink, anyone? Bueller?)

These awesome bird measuring spoons. Yeah they are uber expensive, at least in my book. Maybe something to stick on a wedding registry?

Graphic bowl/plates found at Urban. I saw these a few weeks ago, they are so adorable. If only mis-matched dishes were cool...

I still think my friend over at BeanPickleSprout has the cuuuuutest potholders/placemats/dish towels on the entire Internet!

I could list about 80 things from Anthropologie on this one, but this honey jar is calling my name at the moment. My other fav's are the grapefruit sugar bowl and goose measuring cups. Heart.

I purchased a few different kitchen prints not to long ago, but this one was also on my list of NEEDS. Who doesn't need a cupcake?

And how about something for the dogs and cats? These pet feeders are simple, yet awesome. And! You can get the painted any color, win-win.

And who could forget a cute apron? There are millions out there, MILLIONS I tell ya! I could waste hours finding the best of the best. But right now, this one does it for me.


Steph said...

Those measuring spoons!!! OMG! For reals.

April said...

Hi Alyssa! Thanks so much for featuring our lovebirds salt & pepper shakers. We can't help but smile when we see them, and are glad their adorable embrace brought a little joy to you too :)

*jimaie.marie* said...

that honey pot is ADORABLE! and those measuring spoons! and the S & P shakers!! aaaa! LOVE.
umm, who says mismatched plates/dishes aren't cute? you are officially not allowed to look in my cupboards if you ever make it over to my house one day LOL! I LOVE buying plates & bowls here and there when i find them. The element of surprise is so fun and it makes me happy when I see which one I pull out!but i'm just a weirdo like that ;D
That bean pickle sprout store uses the CUTEST fabrics!! Makes me wish I actually used a potholder every once and awhile! flippin adorable.

Kyla Roma said...

So beautiful! I lost your blog when I took my old blog offline but I'm SO happy I've found it again - you're back in my reader & I'm thrilled about it =)

Talia said...

love!!!!! These things are SO cute... what wonderful finds. Now if only we could afford them all, right??

your wishcake. said...

Cuuuute! I love all those adorable things you found! Those salt & pepper shakers are the best. I totally don't need them, but I totally want them. Heehee.

And a cute new apron is definitely on my list of "needs" right now. The only one I have has snowflakes on it. And...yeah. I feel weird wearing it anytime other than December. :)

sarah marie p said...

Eeek. I have the grapefruit sugar bowl and I'm in love with it! I lusted over it for over a year and then finally had to have it!

I love all the goodies you've collected ... those salt & pepper shakers are TOO CUTE! OOoh I want that Paris bowl! Hee "keep calm and have a cupcake" is too adorable!

dangit, now I want to buy all of this cuteness!