Saturday, May 16, 2009

I haven't posted a blog in 8 days

So I feel like I should write something. Nothing much going on around here except TOO MUCH WORKING. But here is some stuff to cheer you (and me) up.

Baby time.

I didn't notice how creepy Minnie looks in this picture. I think Maddy is going to have nightmares of a scary mouse-woman watching over her in the future - Yikes!

I think I've officially turned into one of those annoying people that constantly takes pictures of everything. I seemed to inherit this from my Grandma :)

And, I made the Internet-famous Rainbow Cake for Mother's Day, and added a bit of my own "flare". It was the most awesome-tasting cake ever. I mean...everything was vanilla but I SWEAR each color tasted like something else! I SWEARRRRRRRRRRRR. Ok. Yeah you get it.

Oh and I swear I am doing Steph's 30 days of flippin' fitness...however, my daily "exercise" consists solely of walking the dogs. I figure we both need the exercise so why not hit two birds with one stone, and that is that. I probably need more but I'm just going to have to be okay with the fact that there are only so many hours in the day and I also have other things to do. Like watch American Idol (ohhh Kris, I love youuu).


Cheeziemommie said...

OOOOH I love that baby bedding! And the baby is pretty cute too ;)
Isn't being an Auntie FUN!
YAY for the rainbow cake! Funnest, easiest dessert huh? I agree, the color just adds SOMETHING to the tastiness!

*jimaie.marie* said...

LOL!! My Isaiah had a big creeper stuffed animal in his crib when he was tiny and after I kept seeing picture after picture of it STARING him down I decided to take it out LOL!
I love Maddy's bedding tho, so pink! and I love that it's not a sissy-lala pink, its so bright and fun!
Um, that cake is ahmaaazing. It's like my very love of BRIGHT colors and delicious foods rolled into one, yesssss. I keep seeing it and i NEED to try it!

*CPA* Su said...

8 Days...Phew! I go WEEKS without posting! :)

Your niece is too cute, buuuttt I'm sure you already knew that! HEHE!

And yumm-o cake!

Oh and my heart was for Danny and now he's gone...the finale just won't be the same! BOO!!

Morgan said...

Oooh goodness, she is SO precious!! Those cheeks! I love it.

I lawled irl at the minnie thing, hahahahaa

Steph said...

That cake looks YUMMY. That would be cool with vanilla cake and then strawberry layers too. Mmmmmm caaaaaaake.


Sara McGinness said...

I love being an aunt and also take too many pictures but who cares that's what Aunts do.

I have not heard of this rainbow cake but I love it and am going to have to make it, plus vanilla flavored sounds yummy, or maybe almond extract flavoring (another one of my favorites).

Talia said...

your niece is adorable. I love that you're having such fun being an Auntie. :)

I really want cake now. Thanks.