Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Doggie Mama

Get it? har...har...oi.

So I feel I haven't talked about my "dawgz" lately (ala Randy Jackson).

Seriously, I think her tongue is 80 feet long.

Sadie has grown a TON in the past month and a half. No more little fuzball. And her baby teeth have all fallen out. She is super loving and a bit of a spaz at times when she is happy to see people. Lately I have noticed she has taken to sometimes barking at strangers (ie., when we're going somewhere in the car and she see's a person walking), and at Tundra or the kitties when she wants attention. It wouldn't be so bad if her bark wasn't as annoying as a boy going through puberty. The little terror has broken THREE harnesses that I've bought her (chewed the clasps). 2 of these were still in the package. According to this she is supposed to know sit, stay, lay down, and how to walk on a leash...UM FAIL. She is so bad on the leash. I've never had dogs that pull. Tundra isn't so bad, plus I give her slack because she IS a sled dog. Oh and when you call Sadie, be prepared to cover your face becase she will come at you like a rabid BEAST!!!

Tundra has seemed to have taken on the "mommy" role; she doesn't usually get too upset if Sadie is annoying her, and Sadie has really calmed her down, A TON. She is no longer a "jealous Jessica" as I used to call her. I think she is acting so much better because she wants to be the favorite :) Don't worry little Tundies, you are my fav. Oh oh, and I think I've talked about her many running away moments and not listening. The last time she ran out the door, she only went to the driveway and turned around and actually came to me when I told her too. IT'S A CHRISTMAS MIRACLE!!! (Now that I am remembering, last time we went to the dog park, she bolted out of the car before I could grab her leash...but she ran to the gate to get inside and waited!!!)

We are still, for the most part, going on walks every night; and we take them to the dog park sporadically. Sadie has become a master fetcher, and knows the difference between her "ball", the "puppy" stuffed animal, and "sheep" stuffed animal. She is sort of learning "sit" and "no" thanks to Tundra ;) I am so excited and nervous to take them up to the lake this summer. I have NO idea how good they will be or how they will act towards the water/boat.

This post really sounded like one of those annoying Christmas "letters" you get from your not-so-close relatives. Oops.


Shannon said...

She has gotten so big! They are both gorgeous.

Joshley and The Charles said...

I have a big yellow lab and he pulls like no other...so I can totally relate! Your pups are so cute and I love hearing your doggie Mama stories :)

*jimaie.marie* said...

this made me giggle seriously, you are adorable with your cute widdle pups! I can't believe how big they've both gotten, why does the puppy/baby stage have to go by so fast?!

sarah marie p said...

Your pups are the cutest ever! I love that you're such a proud mama! Adorable! Keep sending the "christmas letters" - that's what a blog is all about!

sohobutterfly said...

She's a beauty. And FYI, I love those annoying Christmas letters. I do one every year.

mjb. said...

why was i not tagged in that tongue photo! oh hell no!