Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Reunited, and it feels so good.

Let me just preface this post by saying this afternoon was a roller coaster.

12:00 pm - Get a call from a veterinary hospital 4 miles from my house telling me they found my dog Sadie running behind their office; HOWEVER, could not catch the Husky that was running around with her -.-

12:01 - Leave work to rush across town to pick up Sadie and search for Tundra.

12:05 - Call Chris to help me look for her.

12:20 - Pick up Sadie and start driving around looking for Tundra. It starts pouring rain outside.

1:00 - Call Dad to see if he can help. Keep driving around, start crying.

1:30 - See a dog on the side of the road - freak out. Not Tundra, but another lost dog (Aussie) on the side of the road in a field, in the pouring rain, eating grass.

1:32 - Call Chris to come get the poor dog.

1:40 - Take found dog to a nearby doggie daycare place. They agree to keep the dog for a few days. Think to myself that this good deed will bring us some luck. Keep crying.

2:00 - (Still looking for Tundra) Call Mom to see if she can help. She leaves work to come drive around.

2:15 - Drive back home, still looking for Tundra. Drop off Sadie, pee, grab a bite, and call animal shelters. Leave to keep looking.

3:30 - Still looking, decide to drive back home again looking for her. Dad calls and says he's going to go look. Still crying.

3:40 - Decide to drive out to the shelter 25 mins away to see if she's there.

4:05 - Arrive at shelter (which is technically closed), look through kennels and do not find her. Fill out a lost animal slip.

4:20 - Head back home. Cry more.

4:25 - Get a phone call from our neighbor, "umm, you're Husky has been sitting outside your house for 30 minutes, do you want me to put her in your backyard?" Me: "WHAT!!?!?!".......etc....etc.

4:30 - Keep being amazed that they ran at least 4 miles from our house, through neighborhoods and busy streets...and 5+ hours later she finds her way back home???

4:45 - Arrive home and snuggle the crap out of my dogs.

Seriously, wouldn't you cry if you lost that face?


Sara McGinness said...

Oh my, that would freak me out I am so glad that the pups are safe. I do want to say how unsiberian husky Tundra can be. They are notorious for running and running but never returning home. We lost our youngest pup that way when I was in high school. Tundra is an awesome dog and I am glad that they are all home and safe.

Shannon said...

That breaks my heart just thinking about! I'm SO glad she made her way home!!!

Morgan said...

Oh my gosh, that's so scary!! I'm glad Tundra is okay and that she made her way home. What would our lives be without her wise eyes?? :)

Steph said...

So scary! That is the WORST feeling ever. So glad she made it home alright that crazy crazy girl!

sarah marie p said...

Oh, Tundra! I'm so glad she came back home to you & that this story had a happy ending. What a scary, terrible situation. I would have cried SO MUCH!

haha, I was just going to right the same thing as Morgan -- "What would our lives be without her wise eyes?? :)" True dat!

.jimaie.marie. said...

omg, this story stressed me the eff out!!!! holy crap, i'm so sorry you had to go thru that!! <3
i am SO HAPPY she's back at home with you guys, Tundra is the sweetest lil sweetie ever, i'm so glad shes safe!

Brandi said...

oh my goodness! I'm so glad you found your puppies! We had a very similar situation with our boxer in the rain a couple years ago. Ended up finding her in a field far from our house just like you found that other dog. I think it's awesome that you dropped her off at a day care to help someone else. Again- so glad you found your puppies!

Leah said...

I am so happy to hear they made it home safely.

That is pretty amazing that he was waiting on your doorstep.

Band of Brothers said...

Aw, so sad, I once found a pup running around in the middle of the street in orange county and could have killed myself chasing her through traffic. Unfortunately she was too fast for me and I never caught her. SO glad she came back and you had a happy ending!

Oh and loved seeing your engagement photos on C.Sherm's blog! Gorgeous!

Ashley said...

aww i would totally freak out too! I am glad they are home safe with you! I have my dog out here and i can't imagine! Oh and you should totally come by sometime sequoia sometime..i work wednesdays and fridays!

Mermanda said...

Yes that is such a scary feeling! I'm glad it worked out for everyone!