Monday, April 19, 2010


I have been dying for a bicycle for a long time now. We didn't have room to store bikes in our apartment so that never happend, and now that we have a house we obviously do, but it seems like we always have house stuff to spend our money on.

Well, I want a bike! With spring arriving it is the perfect time for us to get bikes, I think. There are some very cute bikes that I would love to have, but they can be pricey. So I have been browsing for semi-budget friendly bikes for us. Especially since Chris and I both need one.

Schwinn Crest Urban Hybrid Bike = Love. It's $289 on Amazon. A tad bit more than I'd want to spend but I love the color, the fact that it's a hybrid bike (it's good for anything I'd want to use it for) and that it has a men's bike to go with it that isn't girly :) I haven't found anything that is around or less than the price that has as good reviews and is as AWESOME. Whatcha think?

Do you have a bike? What kind do you have? Any bike buying tips? I'd like to get any info from you all on what you have so I can do some better research :) Thanks!!!


Raven said...

I bought a Schwinn Gateway Hybrid from Target. It was less than $200. I have no idea how durable or long lasting it will be since I have only had it a month or so, but I love it so far. I bought a new saddle for it and intend on also buying a set of paniers or maybe some collapsable baskets for the back (hello grade school nostalgia) so that I can ride it to and fro the grocery store.

I also intend on upgrading the grips to ones that are more decorative and match the new saddle better, in the future.

Lehua said...

Thanks for stopping by the blog!

I've been on the look out for a bike too. The boy & I have been wanting some for a while now. But this one looks great!

Have you seen the LOL brand at Target. Super cute. But not sure how great it is performance wise.

xoxo, lehua

grrfeisty said...

my bike is green! yay! have you noticed the differences between girl and boy bikes? it's kinda annoying. haha

Talia said...

that is SUCH a cute bike! I love it!! I hope you get one soon, because you're right, this weather is perfect for it. (well, not today, so much. haha)

my sis-in-law just got a mint green beach cruiser for her birthday. I'm jealous. It's adorable.

Lauryn said...

I haven't the slightest clue what makes a bike good but it definitely is cute! Bike riding is so relaxing and so good for you so I think the investment is totally worth it :)

.jimaie.marie. said...

my bike is a cute pink cruiser my mom bought me from target and i love it but it's been rotting in the rain on my back patio and has RUSTED! i'm seriously upset about it. And I blame it all on TJ. I TOLD HIM I needed to keep it indoors. wah!

p.s. I LOVE this green bike!

sarah marie p said...

My bike is a blue cruiser bike from REI. One Christmas my parents surprised me, John and my sister with bikes from REI sooo yeah I don't know much about the bike/price/etc because it was a gift.

Yay! I love my bike -- I need to go on a bike ride SOON!

I kind of want to paint my bike but maybe that would make more sense if it was a random old bike ... and ya know, if I actually knew how to paint it correctly!