Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Guest Room

One of my very good friends is coming to visit in less than two weeks and I have to get our guest room finished. Currently, the room has a bed, a random dresser and a BUNCH OF CRAP. You know, that room you throw all your random stuff in when you have people come over because you want to hide it all? Yep, that's the room. The room is also an ugly shade of yellow - which is a bummer, because I am a fan of yellow, but this yellow is fugs.

Here are some photos of inspiration that I have for this room...

Usually this busy print wouldn't be my thing for a bed, but I really love this and think it would work well! Plus it's on sale at Potterybarn.com :)

I purchased this print along with another coordinating print from Green Nest on Etsy, while I haven't received them yet, I adore them!

I adore this birch tree wallpaper!!! I want to cover just one wall with it. In fact, I have been thinking about it nonstop for a week. Because of it's steep price, I am looking for other options, possibly wall decals?

Chris suggested we paint the room green, and I really like the green paint in this photo!

This room will also be a place for me to store some of my growing deer collection :)

Wish me luck!!! And, you are very welcome to give me suggestions if you know of some cute decor that will go with what I dub my "woodland" theme. :)


i-zilla said...

While I love those sheets the print is a little much for me. The pillows however would be a great accent to a more simpler print or just a solid color. Lovely post!

Sara McGinness said...

I think the bold green wall would work perfectly with those sheets! The print is amazing, Brett would never let me use them in our bedroom but I've always loved cheery, bright patterns. Can't wait to see what you do with the guest room!

MrsDixon said...

I LOVE that birch wall paper too! I have dreams of it every once in a while but don't know where I can pull it off in my house!! Hope you find a home for it!

Morgan said...

Ooooh, I am so excited to see the end result! I freaking LOVE that bedspread like you have no idea. I almost tried talking Justin into getting it for our bedroom (which we just made over as well), but I already knew the answer. :(

That really is the perfect place for your deer collection though!

Wild and Precious said...

love the new blog layout!

JenRem said...

I really, really love that bedding from Pettery Barn. Want it under my body right not! Great find lady :)