Thursday, April 1, 2010


Every once in a while I get these urges for change. What about you guys? Life seems so monotonous sometimes and I like to mix it up at bit, but I usually don't go all out and go for it. I have been feeling the need for change a lot lately, wondering what I want to change and how that's possible. I think about the times that I actually made the necessary decisions and just went for it, not sitting around wondering "what if." I was thinking about it again last night after an 8pm grande toffeenut latte (ps, thanks Starbucks for keeping me awake late on a work night), and it got me thinking about something that has changed my life more than most anything.

I was preparing for an extra long Memorial Day weekend. I had taken a couple extra days off of work to spend the weekend flying across the country and back. At 20 years old, I was still pretty shy and no way had I ever dreamed I'd just get up and do this. I had a 6:30 am flight to catch and I couldn't hardly sleep at all the night, I got maybe a couple hours of rest - then my alarm went off at 4:30 am. I actually still lived with my parents, but was doing this completely on my own. I'd only flown in a plane once, with my parents. Never had gone anywhere alone, not even an hour away from home.
I got ready, made sure I had all the necessary items, and headed out into the dark, crisp early morning. I made the short drive to the airport, parked in the long-term parking area, and hauled my things inside. After I checked in, I remember sitting in the waiting area and staring out the window as the sun came up. I wondered where all these people were going, if someone could possibly be making the same kind of trip I was.

I had a long, sort of lonely trip. The only thing keeping me entertained was my iPod - I vividly remember listening to Death Cab for Cutie's album "Transatlanticism" on repeat (5 years later, listening to those songs still brings me those memories). Finally, after what seemed to be the longest journey ever, I arrived in Michigan. When I got off the plane I called my mom to let them know I had made it safely and I stayed on the phone until I started walking down those steps to baggage claim. I hung up and scanned the crowd as I continued down the ever-long flight of stairs.

And then, finally, after what seemed like eternity, our eyes met for the first time. You know when you had to do your first speech in school and you were absolutely dying with a million different emotions? Or the first day of high school maybe? That's what it was, times a million, as I finally reach him and there were no words needed. We hugged and stayed that way for a while and I knew that this was the best leap for change I could ever make.

I am glad I went for it that time.


*CPA* Su said...

Seriously seriously sweet story!!!!! You need to give us more of this in the months leading up to the WEDDING!!!!

mjb. said...

why do you have to make me jealous when i'm in an emo mood? damn you!

Talia said...

I loved reading this!!! I'm with Susan, you must share more of yours and Chris' love story. :)