Monday, November 24, 2008

Participants: Crafty Challenge #2, Gobble Gobble

  • Check out these adorable turkey cookies that Allison made. Allison, they are so cute and creative, yummm candy corn! (Ummmm, can I please have one...or five???).
  • Nickie made a CUTE autumn apron for the challenge. What a great idea...just in time for all the holiday cooking! And I bet your son is happy about that pillow case, he looks like it, hehehe!!! Thank you for sending it my way!
  • Morgan's Project - Okay I say you do qualify because your little rose was SO CUTE and inspired me to make some for house decor (plus you're about to pop out your little one and well out of pity......i kid, i kid!)

    Check out her fabulously cute rose here.

  • First participant for my Crafty Challenge: Gobble Gobble, is SuDritt!!! Check out her post on this leafy cuteness! Autumn leaves make me so happy :) Oh and you totally make all of us procrastinators look really bad! But thank you! Hah!


*CPA* Su said...

Aren't we good little girls, getting our crafts in on time and all! ;)

Nickie said...

I sent you my little Craft....I hope you enjoy :)

Allison said...

Aw thanks I'm glad you like them. Can you wait a couple more weeks for one? hehehe

Talia said...

such cute things! I am duly impressed by everyone's lovely submissions.
so I JUST posted mine... am I too late??? :)

*jimaie.marie* said...

ooo!! i am IN LOVE with that fall garland!! SO CUTE!! i wanna craft, i need to find some time and inspiration, i love how everything turned out!!