Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Wedding Wednesday: Some Details

I'm going to start blocking out Wednesdays for wedding posts, some DIYs from our wedding and such. I think it'll be a weekly feature for me, as I have had some friends ask me to help them with designing their weddings! Yippeeeee!

Our wedding was featured yesterday on Love & Lavendar, which is a super adorable wedding blog I wish I had been reading months ago! There's some great photos of some of the things I made for our wedding.

I wanted to share how easy it is to make your own chalkboard signs! For the table top signs, I bought some various sized pictures frames at places like Goodwill. I bought chalkboard spraypaint and simply sprayed a few coats on the glass part of the frame, and also bought a bronze colored spray paint and painted the actual frames (if needed). Super easy, and there's no real tricks to's so simple. For the the large sign (which we used for our seating chart), I bought a cheap posterboard frame (with a coupon!) from Michaels. I ordered some chalkboard markers (like they use at Starbucks) in our wedding colors. I enlisted the help of my sister and her boyfriend to do the writing for the signs :)

Our other wedding signage were directional signs that were made from scrap wood that a friend gave to us. I gave the boys the job of putting them together. I think they actually stained them a darker color! Another friend of ours painted the wording on the signs.


Angelina Fong Designs said...

Ooh thanks for sharing these DIY ideas! That guest tree is so cute and such a wonderful idea! I'm getting married next year and currently in the process of planning my wedding. Will definitely stay tuned to your posts each Wednesday!

Lauryn said...

I keep forgetting that you can purchase chalk board spray paint. How cool is that? It's awesome that your wedding was featured! It was definitely cute enough to share with the world!

Anonymous said...

Your Ceremony sign is so cute. I love using reclaimed wood.