Friday, May 30, 2008

A different kind of challenge

I've been scouring for a while now, mainly looking through the sewing and baking forums. Today I stumbled upon their Craft Challenge Forum, hello - how fun! The current challenge is to take an old chair and remake it. Unfortunately it's due between June 1 and June 5 so that's not enough time for me to participate. BUT, they do one challenge a month so I am curious to see what's next. Who's with me!? :) Be sure to look through the finished challenges too, some really cute stuff in there.

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Talia said...

ok, that is really neat. I will have to remember to check that out!

I just realized that I was going to post our matchy picture in my most recent post and I totally forgot! Bummer.... well, I will have to include it in some other one, because that was so funny. :)