Tuesday, May 20, 2008

with my mind on my money and my money on my mind

This is more or less things that I need to do right this moment, but I am not uber rich so I can't, but I need to keep track of and make certain things priorities. let's see...

1. Get cat neutered - $80+
2. New brakes - $200 or so?
3. Vacuum - way too much
4. Looking for a rental house (lease up in July!)
5. Trip to Michigan this summer - $600++++++++++
6. New bed stuffs (pillows, sheets) - $50+
7. Fix broken laptop - $300+/-
8. A whole new wardrobe - free if you nominate me for What Not to Wear ;)
9. *cries*
10. *sells soul*


Morgan said...

hahaha! Before you go out and sell your soul... actually, I have no advice. sorry. lol

Steph Corwin said...

same. eek how long do you go before you need new brakes? I think I need tires soon.. but that's lame so I'm waiting until absolutely necessary. you're going to michigan? muy expensive...

Talia said...

well, you must be so happy! (not abou your money... that stinks, and I feel your pain, why must everything be so expensive??) I'm talking about American Idol! Your boy won! Go David Cook! :) I really would have been fine either way, I think they were both great contestants and loved their styles. A good finale!