Friday, May 30, 2008

A different kind of challenge

I've been scouring for a while now, mainly looking through the sewing and baking forums. Today I stumbled upon their Craft Challenge Forum, hello - how fun! The current challenge is to take an old chair and remake it. Unfortunately it's due between June 1 and June 5 so that's not enough time for me to participate. BUT, they do one challenge a month so I am curious to see what's next. Who's with me!? :) Be sure to look through the finished challenges too, some really cute stuff in there.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I found some free time, YAY!

Soo much tagging going on (Morgan!)! Well since this is my first time today to even do anything besides working, I'll take it :)
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My Joys:
1. Cooking with the Christopher, well, anything with him.
2. Kittens. Puppies. Little baby and animal anything, aww.
3. Doing things for other people.

My Fears:
1. Spiders/bugs.
2. Not being able to save moola, ever.
3. Not moving soon. The apartment life is driving me nuts-o!

My Goals:
1. Keep working out. So far so (slowly) good.
2. Save. Save. Save.
3. Pay off the credit card...again, slowly, but oh well.

My Current Obsessions/Collections:
1. Listening to the new Thrice cd 24/7.
2. Browsing Etsy. (Uhh yeah I stare at the bottom and wait for the most recent uploads to refresh every 15 seconds, who doesn't? Darn.)
3. Well I was going to say sewing, but I haven't for a month or so. BUT I have bought a ton of cute fabric recently that is just sitting on my sewing table. So I guess that could be a collection ;)

Random Surprising Facts About Me:
1. I have a ridiculous amount of shoes and clothes that I do not like or wear.
2. Uhhh, Chris and I met on WoW. Uhh, if you don't know what that is, good for you, and please disregard. Maybe disregard anyways? ;)
3. I have a very noticeable birth mark below my tushie!..?... Haha.

(Wow it was hard for me to come up with a lot of these!)

I tag whoever reads this and hasn't been tagged yet. Yep that's the best I could do! :)

Friday, May 23, 2008

Brought to you by the letter Y

YAY for: David Cook winning American Idol & restaurant wars on Top Chef!!!!

I realized I'm going to need to find some new shows to fill my week up, or a new hobby. HALP!

...back to my stressful work week...


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

with my mind on my money and my money on my mind

This is more or less things that I need to do right this moment, but I am not uber rich so I can't, but I need to keep track of and make certain things priorities. let's see...

1. Get cat neutered - $80+
2. New brakes - $200 or so?
3. Vacuum - way too much
4. Looking for a rental house (lease up in July!)
5. Trip to Michigan this summer - $600++++++++++
6. New bed stuffs (pillows, sheets) - $50+
7. Fix broken laptop - $300+/-
8. A whole new wardrobe - free if you nominate me for What Not to Wear ;)
9. *cries*
10. *sells soul*

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

TV Rant for the Week!

I shortened this up a bit so I could blabber about The Office finale more :)

American Idol

Tuesday: I liked the idea of this week's show: the remaining 3 contestants had so sing 3 songs each, one picked by a judge, one chosen by the producer's, and one of their choice. David Cook was "da bomb" and I thought it was cool that he did a Switchfoot song, even though the judges didn't think it was great. David A...I dunno. Yeah he has a good voice but I can't see him as a "contemporary" artist.

Wednesday: I think most people called it, but tonight we said bye-bye to Syesha. So next week, for the finale, it's the battle of the Davids!

Hell's Kitchen
We recently started watching this show and though it's brutal and gives me's hilarious. Anyone watch it?

Top Chef
Yikes, dramatic show tonight. I was happy to see Sam from Season 2 as the guest judge, he was my favorite that season! Annoying Andrew was kicked at the end of this episode...which I don't mind. He decided it would be smart to serve halfass sushi to cops. Lol.

The Office
Sooo good! This is my 2nd favorite finale of The Office, last season's being my 1st, and favorite of this season. The only thing I obviously was sad about was that Andy stole Jim's proposal. What a jerk! :( Oh also, Toby being creepy wanting a pic with Pam. Stop being weird Toby!!!! Here are my favorite things about the episode :

1. New HR lady thinking Kevin is "special." Holy cow, I love how this carried throughout the entire episode...and sorry, but Kevin's character is good at playing that off. I guess it was sort of sad that he thought she was into him, but this was my favorite theme of this episode.

2. Jim's cellphone prank on Dwight = perfect opener Jim loves pissing people off via their cellphones, awesome!

3. Michael comparing Holly to E.T. and saying that she had to be a professional baker at some point.

3. Pregnant Though, I kinda feel bad for Michael on this one.

4. Ryan getting busted. Not sure what this will lead to, but I'm anxious to see!

5. Obviously the ending, with Angela and Dwight gettin' it on in the office right after Andy had proposed to her and she said "okay". Poor Andy. I screamed into my pillow at this part :P

My guesses for the beginning of next season would be that Pam has gone to school for the summer and her and Jim are still dating with no engagement yet (that would just be mean if they got engaged without an episode!). Angela and Andy will be no mo', Jan stringing Michael around. I'm confused about the new lady...if she is still there I think her crush on Michael and will interfere with Michael wanting to be a "daddy" to Jan's babeh.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Coming Up..

I've got a project coming up that involves making some moola *hopefully* so stay tuned for the final product!

We went up to the house at Shaver this weekend, it was very nice. Got our puzzle faces on, quad-riding on, boat riding on. Post & pics to come later (I slack!).

PS, dear IRS, please don't tell me I'm getting my stimulus payment on the 9th when you don't plan on giving it to me then. Thanks for crushing my hopes and dreams *sniffle*

Friday, May 9, 2008

Survey of the TV Week

American Idol
Tuesday: AI is getting a tad boring now that there's only a couple people left, and it's sort of predictable now - I know exactly what the judges are going to think. Let's just be glad that Jason did horrible. Actually, I didn't think his songs were THAT bad and I liked them a tad more than his usual slow boring songs. I liked about half of all the songs tonight.
Wednesday: Yessss Jason is finallllyyy gone! So now it's The David's and Syesha left for next week. These results shows are kind of ridiculous; they have a couple artists perform that I usually don't care to watch, they are obviously just there to fill in the grueling hour-long show...yay for DVRs. I like the question and answers from the callers, although the lady that called tonight asking David C. on a date was a little...creepy!

Top Chef
The quickfire challenge this week was a prepping "relay race": peel and cut oranges, peel and turn artichokes, fillet monkfish (ewww, have you ever seen one of these?), and make some homemade mayonnaise. The contestants were split into teams. The winning team got a "big advantage" in the elimination challenge.
Next we find out the elimination challenge: the two teams have to battle to....cater a wedding! Yikes. They only had a day to come up with a menu and prep. The catch was, each team was either cooking for the bride or the groom. The winning team picked the bride, who wanted souther/comfort type food. The other team was to cook for the groom who was all about Italian (Nikkie, who is Italian and cooks it well, was on this team!). The teams were up all night and all day cooking and preparing their food. Each team had to bake a cake as well (one person on each team was doing ONLY the cake). Stephanie's cake looked awesome, which is amazing because these chefs are not bakers. The bride's team ended up winning, and oh was there drama from the groom's team. Talk about emo. Nikki was sent home in the end, most likely because she failed to use all her Italian cuisine knowledge to take the reins for the challenge.

The Office
Why did this episode seem really slow to me? That was weird, because I did like it. Um, Jim and Pam = soo cute. Well, duh. Ohhhh and Michael, Stanley was right, you to top your stupidity with every new episode. I cringe every time it looks like you're about to speak publicly (I actually squealed and hid behind my pillow when he went up to the microphone at the job fair, like it was a scary movie). And what about Dwight and Angela being the only ones left in the office most of the day, I actually thought something might happen there - but no! Though, she did say 'thank you' to him, I guess that's a big deal for Angela to say. What confused me was the last scene with Pam talking to the guy at the job fair, it was sort of a weird scene...not the usual ending for The Office.
Anyone have any idea what the season finale is going to entail? I could guess, but I'll probably be wrong.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Banana Mon

I love overly ripe bananas, because you can make yummy banana bread. I have only made banana bread a few times, mostly because we never buy bananas. So someone at work gave me a couple and I decided to try this recipe for Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips and Walnuts.

I used pecans instead of walnuts, because, well, I didn't have walnuts on hand :) After reading the comments on the recipe page, I also decided to use less sugar (3/4 cup, maybe even try using less if you are using semisweet chocolate chips). Gotta love improvisation. I highly recommend this recipe! Muy delicioso!