Thursday, April 10, 2008


Wow second post in a day! Apparently today is ASPCA Day, and they had to post this article in the newspaper. If you don't know already, I have a super soft spot for animals, especially the ones at the shelters and such. Though we didn't get our cats at the shelter (Kitty was free from the newspaper and Garbage was found on my aunt's friend's porch) I seriously want to adopt all the animals! I just feel so bad for them all and I really should volunteer there. I have seen a few articles in the paper, too, showing them euthanizing the animals and putting their bodies into trash cans...omg it just makes me so sad that people can do that! I know the SPCA doesn't do that but the County shelter does. I would totally be a vet too if I didn't have to do all the icky stuff, I'm sure a lot of animal lovers feel that way.

The Christmas before last my aunt gave $100 to each of us nieces and nephews and asked that we donate it or use it to buy something to give to a charity, as a gift to her. So I used mine to sponsor a kennel at the SPCA, which pays for the dogs that stay in it and to have food, meds, upkeep, etc. for the year.

Look at all the animals just at the SPCA. I only wish that I could have more animals and had a big backyard. So adopt your pets (or at least some of them!) and remember to spay and neuter!!! :)

This is Miss Kitty - took this last cute!!

And Garbage...he's well..el diablo! :)

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Stephanie said...

Meow! And you so could volunteer there. I did in high school. It's so fun you just take dogs out and play with them in the outside areas they have set up. If you can handle leaving without adopting all of them (which is hard!) it is so great! and then when people are coming to look for animals you can show them the cutest ones :)