Tuesday, April 15, 2008

This Took Forever

Welcome to the purse raid game (Morgan tagged me)! You're supposed to dump out your purse and show everyone what is in it. Well since I have no work to do at work, this is how I did it: searched for the things that are in my purse online. I did have to take just a couple pics with my cellphone (dangit, I forgot to add my phone to the picture!!). These are, of course, the actual items.

1. My checkbook is ugly, so this is what my checks look like!
2. 3 white pills...that I have no idea what are for! Oops.
3. Orbit Maui Melon Mint gum. First time I've tried it, it's okay.
4. Ice-Breakers Pomegranate Lemon-Aid mints. Wow these are the best mints ever!!! I have only seen them at Target so far.
5. A mini hand-sanitizer. Usually used after the gym or in lieu of washing.
6. Orange Cream lip gloss. This is the best lip gloss (clear) I have ever had. Did I mention it smells (and tastes) like heaven...or an orange creamcicle...same thing. I bought it at bath and body works, but they have different flavors now :(
7. Dwight Schrute pen.
8. My fossil wallet. Chris got it for me for x-mas, couldn't find it online!!!
9. My keys. They tell you that: I went to Alaska, I go to the gym, I go to PetCo, and I love penguins.

So I tag Mallory!!! What's in YOUR purse?


Stephanie said...

of ALL the lip glosses in my purses, none of them taste good. :-/

Anonymous said...

damn it girl i will do this tomorrow! and it's your turn on scrabble!