Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This week in TV: A recap

American Idol
Tuesday April 29: This was another weird show! The 5 remaining contestants sung Neil Diamond tunes, 2 each! The only person I am rooting for now is David C. David A. has a good voice but it seems to me like the songs he does, as Simon would say, are "themepark-ish" and usually they don't seem (to me) like they are songs that would ever be on the radio or be popular. And what was with Paula thinking Jason had already sung 2 songs, when EVERYONE had only done one song??? I am guessing it was because this show was so rushed since each did 2 songs.

Wednesday April 30: What is going on here, soo annoyed. Jason still on the show?? I understand Brooke getting booted, but come on, she is better than Jason. He cannot sing! Voters, you are officially retarded.

Top Chef
This week was all about quick, easy and cheap! None of which the chefs normally would do at a fancy schmancy restaurant. The guest judge this week was Oprah's personal chef, pretty interesting. The quickfire challenge was to create a dish in 15 minutes. I can't imagine having to come up with a dish on the spot in 15 mins. when you have know idea what ingredients are available to you. Antonia won that one and received immunity for the elimination round.
The elimination challenge was to create a healthy and cheap dinner for a family of 4, with a budget of $10! $10 is kind of pushing it when they have to shop at Whole Foods, but most of them came up with yummy meals. They also were given a sous chef to cook with - little kids! Each chef got a child to help them prepare their meal, they looked like they were having lots of fun. We ended up saying goodbye to Mark, the hobbit, this I'd rather see Lisa go. And Antonia won again!

The Office
I am soooo relieved by "Did I Stutter?"!!! The opening scene was classic, I LOVED it. Totally something Michael would do, and totally something that Jim would suggest. Perfect. "I can come back here, when I'm 100, and I can find that piece of cement and say "That's me. Look kids, your daddy left that face hole." Hah. Michael sure talks about kids a lot, he better start like now, his time is runnin' out! And, Pam's glasses did look ridiculous (ahem, I just thought about this, bu the remind me of a certain picture someone posted on their blog). Darryl's "fluffy fingers" comment, oh my; I wonder how many takes that took because that guy is a great actor.

This episode was chocked full of attitude. Stanley the manly...wooow...the comment he made about his wives - scary! Dwight buying and reselling Andy's car for more, that's just cruel. But I am really pissed off at Toby. Wtf?! Poor Jim. I really want Toby to stop being a grumpy/mean/awkward guy...but if you saw the title of the last episode...well, I"ll stop there! Who knows where that will go.

Can I just say that I am sad there's only TWO episodes left. We got totally jipped this season!


Stephanie said...

lmao. that opening was so hilarious. I died. and I love that you said her glasses were like morgans! They are! Though I must say in like 1st grade I had some like that too.. with hearts in the corners. um yeah.

Morgan said...

I had the heart ones too! As a matter of fact, the ones in that picture had minnie mouse faces IN hearts on the sides of them. Classy.

The "face hole" line was HILARIOUS. I love your updates!

Talia said...

AHHH! I'm so sad I didn't know you were there. How fun would that have been to say hello??? I was trying to keep an eye out for people I knew, but there were so many there. We didn't even know we were going until noon yesterday, it was totally last-minute. Hence, the reason I did not blog about it until AFTER. :) we were in section B row 25, so no wonder we didn't see you!

hahaha-- that was one of his best bits. "Well, you see, it's a cup... of dirt!"

I like your TV updates by the way... and I wholeheartedly agree with your synopsis. :)