Friday, April 25, 2008

Goodbye Fohawk, Talent, & Lonley

We all watch a bit (too much?) tv here and there, at least, and have our favorite shows. For us right now, our week of tv is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday nights: American Idol, Top Chef, The Office. There's some other shows I catch but I HAVE to see these every week.

American Idol
This is the first season I actually watch it entirely through, and I really don't know many that watch it so I don't get to talk about all the people! I would usually just watch the pre-season casting shows to watch people makes fools of themselves, but this season I saw some really good, different people making it through. Plus they get to use instruments this season.

So far, I've mostly seen the "correct" people voted off. But nooo not this week. I'm now realizing that when there's only a handful of people left - it gets to be a popularity contest over talent. Ah the reality of "reality" tv. My favorites this season are: Michael Johns ("Australian guy"), Carly ("Irish girl"), and David Cook ("The rock-ish guy"). Michael got kicked off a while ago, he should have lasted longer imo, though I knew he wouldn't win or anything.

This week, 6 people were left, and they did music by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber (he does broadway type music). So the show was weird because usually on AI they DO NOT want them do sound "broadway-like." Carly, Syesha, and David C. were the best; Brooke and Jason were not good. Carly and Syesha ended up in the bottom 2, and Carly was kicked off! So lame, this girl has the best voice on there. Grr, soooo mad this week!

Top Chef
I really don't know anyone else that watches this show either, but I like it! I'm obviously not a chef, but to see what some of these people come up with sometimes is hilarious. For example, one week they did a tailgate bbq at a football game, and one of the guys made this meal...ok, what? This is a football game, the people want burgers, ribs...bbq! What I like about the show is that it actually gives me ideas, and since they post all the recipes for every episode online, I can try out some of the stuff. Even though most of the time I have no idea what the fancy words mean :)

This week the chefs did desserts for the quickfire challenge (this is a short challenge and the winner wins immunity for the actual challenge). Watching this show I've learned that a majority of these chefs don't do desserts...they never make them and usually have no idea what they are doing. Which is funny, because I love baking. After this quickfire the chefs went to an improv. comedy show. At this show the actors had the audience scream out a number of sets of words: a color, an emotion and an edible item. These were the basis for what the teams of cooks had to prepare their elimination challenge dishes. All the stuff looked really good, but in the end they kicked off "miss lesbian-fohawk". Yes, there was an actual lesbian couple that made it this season (her "partner" was booted a few weeks ago). Ohhh, the drama.

The Office
Everyone watches ze Office, so no need for any blabbering :)

I loved the ending of last weeks show, so cute! But I hate to admit that this week's show was "meh" for me, in comparison to the rest of this season. I thought Michael and Dwight going to party with Ryan was funny and just way in character of them; I thought the rest of the DM team locking themselves in the parking lot was super funny idea and could have been a lot more funny like "The Fire" episode; I thought the Toby leaving was funny, but awkward (is he actually gone gone?). I laughed really hard when Ryan was excited to see Michael and Dwight, well he was obviously drunk and on drugs. Actually the whole Dwight, Michael, Ryan stuff was the good part of the show. So overall, I liked the NY part of the show but the rest of it wasn't too entertaining, for me.

I'll have to watch it a few more times, though, I was baking cookies so I didn't put my full attention to a few minutes of it. Any one else feel differently about this episode?


Morgan said...

Oh I agree! I thought the whole Scranton part (and pretty much every other time Jim is in charge) was so awkward and uncomfortable. I about died when Toby put his hand on Pam's knee though, ah! And he's so embarrassed he decides to leave the country... right then? lol.

And Dwight ... "I'm not going to call her." and "NICE TRY!" oh man. Okay, I'm being nerdy now. Stopping.

Stephanie said...

Agreed x2. I also want to watch it again though. Sometimes I find more funny parts the second time around.

Cookies huh? :)

Talia said...

This is so funny, because guess what? These exact three shows are my husband's and my favorite!! :) We watch them every week, without fail.

We are totally TV twins.