Friday, October 10, 2008

This week in TV

Remember when I used to do a summary of all the exciting shows that I watched during the week? Well we are back in that lovely fall/winter season again! What I've been watching lately: Project Runway, Top Model, Kitchen Nightmares and The Office (obv.)! I know there's other good stuff on too, I'm just not all on top of this lately with the new house!!! Wednesday and Thursday nights seem to be tv nights, though. So here goes.

America's Next Top Model
I never get toooo into this show until there's just a handful of girls left. Who are your favorites this season? I'm not completely sure yet to be honest. I think McKey is one of the best, and that's all that I'm pretty sure about. Sheena totally bugs the crap out of me though...I don't know what it is...ever since the beginning they had been talking about not liking how she gets all sexual looking in her photos, yet she hasn't been cut yet. Marjorie was bugging me with her whining..but after this past week I'm glad she did good, cause I kind like her. And PS, Tyra is just so weird. End.

Project Runway
This week was part one of the finale (sad panda!). I love love loved Leanne's wedding and bridesmaid's dresses!!!!!! Especially the bridesmaid, if those are for sale when I get married, totally want them.
Couldn't find a picture of the entire dress :( So, I know pretty much everyone doesn't like Kenley, but I think she did really good this episode both with her collection and her ATTITUDE. Jerrel and Korto both did really poorly on the challenge this episode...which was a bummer. I was pretty interested in Jerrel's clothes this season, but we had to say goodbye. So who do you think will win?!!?! I think Leanne will win, but I also think Kenley might be pretty close too!

The Office
Um, where was PAM!?!? I was thinking, if I had to give this episode a grade, I'd give it a B-. Minus 10 points for no Pam, -5 points for only being 30 minutes and a few more points taken for because I think the beginning was kind of sloowwww (conference room scene). What would you grade it? My favorite moments were: Jim announcing the engagement (the tackle!!), Jim timing Dwight (and that creepy look Dwight gave the camera after he had his 19-minute rendezvous with some little blonde lady that was buttoning up her shirt!!!!), and Michael being mad at Holly...too funny! And of course, Meredith...then that last scene with them eating the steak...ribs...hahaha!!!! So glad Thursday nights are back to being awesome!


sarah marie p said...

Ahhh! How do I keep forgetting to watch Top Model this season? What the heckers?!

caitlyn said...

Top Model just keeps getting more and more cheesy by the season I can hardly stand it. The first episode this season was just out of control. They need to tone it down a bit. But, like you said, I don't really get into it until the end :)