Friday, October 31, 2008

Oy vey

Two typical (almost daily) "conversations" that drive me NUTS!!!!

When answering the phone at work:

Caller: Can I speak with M please?
Me: May I ask who is calling?
Caller: <insert company that is obviously a solicitor>
Me: He is not in his office right now, can I leave him a message?
Caller: That's not necessary, does he have a personal assistant?
Me: (thinking-wtf there is 4 people that work here) No he does not.
Caller: Well maybe you can help me, I need to verify your address.
Me: (thinking, if my boss would have taken the time for this call and you ask for address verification, he would be PO'd at you for wasting his time) Sure...
Caller: Okay, you are at <insert OLD office address here>
Me: Yep!
Caller: Okay I need your job title, are you the secretary?
Me: No...
Caller: Assistant?
Me: No, I guess you can put drafter.
Caller: Uh, what?
Me: Just put assistant.
Caller: <rambling about the call being recorded and something about a free subscription>
Me: Okay, bye!

When ordering in a drive-thru:

Worker: Order when ready.
Me: Okay can I get a Southern Style Chicken Sandwich and a side salad?
Worker: Southwest salad?
Me: No, <repeat order>.
Worker: Southern Chicken salad?
Worker: Southern sandwich then, is that all?
Me" ........and a SIDE SALAD!!!!


Morgan said...

I'm not kidding...I JUST had a caller like that. I always hang up, hahaha.

rachel elizabeth said...

omg, i deal with that all day too. once, this telemarketer called and i told him we weren't interested & hung up. he actually called back and asked to speak to my boss again, so i told him he was still unavailable and promptly hung up. he proceeded to call me back for no less than half an hour getting an attitude with me and demanding to speak to someone else.


ps. i totally want a southern style chicken sandwich and a side salad now. mmmm.

Steph Corwin said...

That's like me in all drive thrus.

"No meat?"

"Yes no meat. Just an egg and cheese burrito"

"No bacon?"

"No. No bacon."

Anonymous said...

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